Octopi doesn't start after qtermwidget upgrade

octopi: error while loading shared libraries: libqtermwidget5.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Thank you for making a note.

The package is maintained by @Yochanan and may need to be rebuild but as qt has changed. It may be a larger process involving upstream changes Octopi - Tinta escura and the sources GitHub - aarnt/octopi: A powerful Pacman (Package Manager) front end using Qt libs

I made a note over in the thread for those things;

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I updated the octopi package and added qtermwidget5 to the repos. However there is now a file conflict with this and the Qt6 version of the package: Qtermwidget5 and qtermwidget are in conflict

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Octopi is now ported to Qt6 for testing and unstable branch.


The Qt6 port is fixed:

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