Monitor via type-c

I have a little promblem
My device is ASUS TUF Gaming A15 with rtx2060
I have two monitors: one is connected via hdmi and one via type-c
I’m tryed to use each driver in system settings, but it doesnt help

Display which connected via type-c doesnt start. PC see it, but when i try to enable it the system settings crash.

Please help me

Hi @VCGRC, and welcome!

Please see [HowTo] Provide System Information, [HowTo] post screenshots and links, and [HowTo] Increase your chances of solving your issue in order to get the best assistance.

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I am guessing that the HDMI is connected to the CPU (iGPU) and type-C Is connected to the dGPU. Get optimus manager working and switch to hybrid graphics mode.

now system doesnt see monitor

I HATE Manjaro

I reinstall the system and everything works fine. Then i see that i have updates and i start updating.
Update cant finish, it only checking dependencies. And monitor again doesnt work. Also the system doenst see it

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How about providing system information as suggested above?

From what i see, wxbase-light and wxcommon-light are AUR packages. Try removing them before updating your system.

So you hate Manjaro because you never provided enough info for anyone to assist you, and are just complaining? Someone asked you to provide system information and more info, but you never did.

These are AUR packages, not Manjaro packages. You chose to install those packages yourself. They also haven’t been updated in AUR since 2020. Removing those packages would help.

Instead of complaining, you could have just made a new post asking for assistance on the issue, and we would help you.