Manjaro stuck at /dev/sda1 clean:

So… After update i’m stuck at “dev/sda1: clean 1885632/30531584 files, 62890176/122095616 blocks” i dont know what happend… I truc some trick from this forum but nothing works …

Can you help me ?

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You can follow those guides to provide us information.

try using different kernel if you have them installed…can you enter into tty by pressing ctrl+alt+f2 in the stuck screen, if f2 doesnt work, try f1-f6 keys instead…

So i’ve try 2 other kernel but no change. I Can press CTRL alt f2. But i can’t connect only in root not with my account name and i dont know what i need to do After…

What informations do you whant ?

if you can enter tty, enter your credentials, then type this command: startx

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Do you have your /home at an other partition or hdd installed? You can see your partitions with lsblk or fdisk -l.
If so, press CTRL-ALT+F2, log in, cd /,
then umount your home partition, in case it’s mounted,
then do a fsck to your home partition. Wait until its finnished and reboot.

So … I dont really understand :0

what is the output ot this:
find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"
take a picture and post it here

It say " /root/.Xauthority"

And lsblk says what?
It looks like you are using an encrypted system?

take a picture of it, i need the whole path …

What is the command to use fsck in my home please ? Fsck /home ?

The command would be fsck /dev/sdx1 ie, where sd(x)(1or2) points to the partition.
Example /dev/sda1, /dev/sdb2,

So, it Say SDA 1 IS mounted … I am a noob sorrry… i’v try umount /dev/sda1 but the command is unknow…

that output is strange… try running update again:
pamac update

I try it, thanks for your help…
“Nothing to do” After tryng update…

If sda1 is your root, then dont unmount it.
The structure from linux is the root level, /, where all your system files are on and run from there.
The subfolder /home contains all the user and her files.
The system acces the home and the user, so it is both kinda isolated.
It looks like your home folder was not proper shut down, so it want be fscked.
lsblk (2 times upper letter L LsbLbk) would show, where your home folder is located

If your home is on sda1, then type

sudo  umount /dev/sda1