Manjaro stuck at /dev/sda1 clean:

but why did it says root there instead of home, i dont understand… it looks like it didnt find your home partition or what…so try do that again, reboot:
systemctl reboot
then again enter tty and run this command again:
find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"

For this it Say : " unmount : / : the target IS activités"

I try you other command

If there is no home or user folder, startx will look at the /root folder at / for xauthority and load instead a root desktop. Or, said in an other way, it will look for the user folder, which is log in at the moment.

Same answer : /Root/. Xauthority

I’m connected in root. I can’t connect with my username… I dont know if it IS a problem

take a picture of this:
journalctl --boot=0 --priority=3 --no-pager

yes he cant access the home folder… the xorg should be saved in home folder but its saved in root…

Well ok. Lets do the simple way.
first do a cd /, to change into the highest level from the directories,

Try one by one

sudo fsck /dev/loop0 
.. .... 
sudo fsck /dev/loop4

If it says, “is busy”, skip it and go to the next device
If it can fix one, you can reboot.

No, its not a problem, that you are connected as root.
The answer was not for you anyway. it was, to answer, why it only finds in your /root folder the xauthority file.

Ok so : i’m a dumb person xD i entre thé wrong user name. So i’ve try find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"
There IS a lot of command on m’y screen now they parade on m’y screen since 1 minute

what command, just take a picture of it

It “padarde” sorry i’m not sûre it’s the good word in english

thats only half the screen, we can see the whole messages…
run that command again:
find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"
and post picture of it…
thats not the output from the find authority command…

When i try this : a lot of thing appear and dont stop from 5minute. It’s a liste like this (next message)

yes because you run the wrong command…
this is the correct command:
find $HOME/ -name ".Xauthority"
you run this:
find $HOME/ name ".Xauthority"

Oh sorry… Result is “/home/test/. Xauthority”
That’s all.