Manjaro doesn't remain on disk

Hi guys, Im trying to install manjaro on my 2° pc for trying it.
The first issue is after installing it with yumi and install an update for example if I restart the pc, I cant boot it, any partition doesnì’t work.
If the first issue doesn’t show up I have the 2° issue, is when the os start up, there no output, video or audio, just nothing

What ISO did you use?

I have last plasma desktop x64… “manjaro-kde-22.1.0-230421-linux61”

First, boot log is quiet by default, you would need to enable it, and secondly, I guess it is somewhat a timing issue with the GPU. GPU is not ready, but the login-manager try to use it, but crash after several attempts.

Look at the links @maycne.sonahoz provided.

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That cannot work.

The only supported method is to use dd, etcher, imagewriter or similar method of doing a bitwise copy of the content of ISO to removable media.

A second a very well working solution is using ventoy which utilizes the ISO as is - no burning or bitwise copy of the image - plain and simple drag’n-drop onto the USB.