Awesome font support with "ttf-google-fonts"

Till this point font support hasn't been so great in any Linux distro. There were a few font packages mostly intended for UI, and a few more half broken font collections.

But nothing good enough for professional publishing. LibreOffice with those fonts looked like a joke compared with, for example, Google Docs.

The closest to achieving good font support probably has been "ttf-google-fonts-git", but it has important weaknesses:

  • The upstream repository has constant updates during the week, and each update takes more than ten minutes. Updating becomes annoying.
  • If you install this package Emojis will no longer show up, no matter if you install the appropriate package along with it.
  • Dependency hell: many people and commits needed to maintaining the package, hard to track if fonts are already in the Arch repos, and as result fragile and prone to all kinds of bugs.

"ttf-google-fonts" is aimed to fix that. It provides all the fonts available in Google products, in a fashion that it's the most useful for the end user. For instance:

  • It only updates monthly.
  • It supports emojis.
  • It's standalone, it doesn't care about other font packages.
  • Designed to work well by itself with as little tweaking and maintenance as possible.

And now I shall finish my book cover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you have a fix for all the characters like emojis and other randoms I'm missing making discord look broken?

Oh and thanks!

Open a new thread about it, and paste the link to it here, and we will talk :wink:

Thanks, I've just installed them, they might be useful. Thanks for your effort.

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Thank you for your contribution, I just upvoted it! :+1: