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Started with Suse around 2004, played around with Suse and Kubuntu until around 2010. Went back to Microsuck for gaming reasons.

Then about six months ago with all the privacy invasion being exposed I dropped Microsuck and returned to Kubuntu but I never really clicked with Ubuntus and tried Debian. Then I saw Debian’s partners, vomited, and found Manjaro and I think it’s going in the right direction.


Hello! I’m Josh, known online as Jetta. I’ve been using Manjaro with KDE Plasma for about 2 months now, and I absolutely love it. Tried Linux (Ubuntu with Gnome) years ago, and couldn’t get into it, but gave it another try when Linus and Luke decided to do the Linux challenge. Distro hopped (as the kids say) a few times, ended up loving Manjaro, switched all my systems over, and I’ll be sticking with it. Cheers.


Hey ya’ll,

I go by AlphaObeisance but if I had friends they’d probably tell me that’s too hard to remember, so most just call me AO :laughing:.

Abandoned Windows early 2021. Started using Ubuntu, then to Pop, and now I’m here on Manjaro trying to cut teeth on Arch before attempting to build my own Arch system.

I’m software illiterate but persistent and determined, I usually figure things out pretty quickly.

I’ve hid in the shadows for the past month or so, but curiousity is getting the best of me and I’ve come to realize the importance of asking for knowledge nuggets from time to time.



Hi All, I’m Chris New to linux Starting with Manjaro Gnome.
Hopefully will get to know new people and become part of the community here.



Im Stoffel and I’m a SoftwareDev. I’ve been using Linux for years now but I’d decided on Debian derivatives especially @Work because it is generally more or more likely supported than Arch linux. I’ve started a new position and most of my team uses Manjaro and I always wanted to look into Arch a bit more and since I’m quite experienced with Linux in general and my team has Manjaro experience I thought I’d switch to Manjaro to see if Arch really is that nice :smiley: Anyways cya around :wink:


Hello, I have had no real experience with Linux as I have been primarily a gamer/power user on MS products. About six months ago, I decided to give Linux a proper crack and then did nothing for 3 months. Finally, I started distro hopping trying to find a fit for my use case scenario. I ended up with a choice between Pop-OS and Manjaro KDE. I am going to try each for 6 months and see how it all fits.

I believe in the FOSS/Linux philosophy and hope to learn and engage where I can. Ultimately, I am hoping to find a community with whom I mesh. Say hello if you see me round :slight_smile:


Hi Kids. . … 70 and been Linux in some form for about 15 years now, strictly on the consumer side. Not a a a coder or a dev, but have tried just about every significant flavor and combo you can imagine ( and of course that still only amounts to about 5% of all the offerings, so my ignorance level on anything obscure is probably not worth embarrassing me over).

KUbuntu is my fallback for laptop but I am constantly finding it necessary to get beyond all that Canonical nonsense. They have the advantage in that just about everything software runs on it, but you can feel the proprietary creeping in.

So I experiment. I also have a Desktop setup with 64 gb ram, BIG monitor, ASUS ROG 370 board etc. for design purposes. Nope, not a gamer. That came along too late for me.

Currently, Triple Booting Manjaro, Kali and Windows,. I almost feel like as long as I am still stuck with Intel and Nvidia I can’t properly comment on Linux performance issues. (next desktop setup WILL be Ryzen and Radeon ).

But I have a helluva lot of experience with Software on MANY different Distro and system setups.

I have issues with SystemD in Manjaro but I understand the new v 250 goes a long way towards resolving a lot of that. So any one who can advise me on the wisdom of staying With Arch ( manjaro sysd ) combined with Wayland ( Ubuntu coming default? ) I’d appreciate. I really wish systemD didn’t exist, and I have had no luck with Wayland yet on other distros.

Other than that I’'ll direct myself to the appropriate topic groups. And A HUGE THANK YOU for hosting this forum. I0 years ago I half-expected it to be defunct by now. Gladly you are open for business. God Bless the stubborn-ness of Archers.

Many thanks.

Andrew Tipton
Denver, CO but moving to New Orleans, LA

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Curious to know what Partners turn you off with Debian. I’m ignorant on most of the back-end politics surrounding Linux various flavors. Who is the issue? This is a sincere question, not a gotcha. Just interested in your opinion. Not looking to argue. Just be better informed.

Strictly as an aside I SUSPECT that SUSE going Public IPO won’t help things as far their responsiveness to Cento OS if they get acquired by someone bigger, just like Red Hat / IBM. Canonical going public will also be a disaster, in my view. I don’t’ begrudge making a profit. I DO begrudge forgetting where you came from.

My business ( interior design and music ) website is ChromAesthetics .

So I sympathise.

One of the beauties about Manjaro ( and why i keep coming back desipite technical issues ) is that it has so many different desktops combinations, and is so much MORE configureable than most Gnome flavors in other OS.
It is very stable, gnome. That is the trade-off. But I quickly bored for lack of customizable options on file management, system settings, themes. etc. that i eventually had to go KDE Plasma for it’s relatively infinite options.
That said, try all the desktop environments before you bail on Manjaro. And get lots of advice on window managers . They can make or break your experience.

ask me any time. anything. If I can’t help I’ll direct you where you can. FOSS isn;t even the future anymore. It’s here, now, and people are noticing. Stick with it, Odin.

it doesn’t, here :wink:


Thanks very much, I will take you up on the offer sooner or later. Maybe one day we will see the fabled year of Linux… :slight_smile: Till then we keep believing.

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Hi everyone,
I’m coming from Windows. I got tired from Microsoft & their moronic operating system. My last straw was their Windows 11, which is a downgraded & castrated version of Windows 10. They also started pushing their products more aggressively in Windows 11, like making it super difficult to change default browser to something else than Edge. Windows isn’t very good at customizing, but they removed tons of customizing features in Windows 11. Why take things from people that they had before? I’m tired of their tyranny & bs, so I decided to ditch that stupid company & their stupid products & switch to Linux. The only thing that is worrying me are video games (something that was reason to be on Windows), but I see that recently gaming on Linux has been improved. I understand that not all games might work on Linux, but I’m fine with it. I better stick with OS that gives me freedom to customize my OS how I want & respects my privacy than stay with Microsoft & their stupid OS. They clearly don’t care about users & their needs. They only care about profit & money & whatever they touch they kill it. I think Microsoft is the weakest & cheesiest company among tech giants. They’re like kids on a market who don’t have ability to create something valuable & prefer stealing ideas from others because they lack creativity & innovation.

So, I looked at Linux distros & decided to choose Linux Manjaro with KDE plasma. So far I’m pleased with this OS. I have small technical problems, but I’m sure they can be fixed.


Hello I am Bernd,

me and my wife haven’t been with Manjaro for long. I find it nice to be a part of this community. Here’s to a good and long time.

Stay healthy all!


Hello! Discovered Manjaro thanks to the LTT challenge and I love it! Switched from W11 to Manjaro GNOME on my HP laptop and I love it!

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Hi guys. I am a self-declared intermediate user of Linux (because I know Bash and execute some tasks preferably on a terminal) and I pretending to learn all about servers this next three years by making a Computer Network (don’t know the name of the course in English)technician course. I wish to learn more about how Linux works and I certainly have plans to do a postgraduate degree in network security. Wish me good luck and success :wink:

I am joining Manjaro for good because of the newer kernel, drivers, and software available. Good night y’all :hugs:

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Same story. High Five!

Used linux back in 2012-2014 on my then new old laptop. Was mostly using Ubuntu/Linux Mint. Stayed in Windows for my engineering software. Recently, 3-4 months, came into linux fold again. Started with installing MX Linux on my 2012 laptop for parents, and then ended up falling for linux.

Then, decided to ditch Windoze on new(er) laptop too. And distro-hopped my way into Manjaro. MX was good, but it didn’t detect my nvidia correctly.

Anyway, very happy with Manjaro! Have been using it as my daily driver for last two months (at least) and only ran into trouble when I messed up something myself :smiley:

:love_letter: to Manjaro!

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