Manjaro Linux 21.2.6 --- gThumb 3.12.2-1, Files (nautilus) 42.1.1-1, and Applications window icon issues

gThumb 3.12.2-1 is showing thumbnails in the correct EXIF orientation, however gThumb is not playing the videos in the correct EXIF rotation position, when it comes to videos that are taller that they are wide (portrait). Obviously your EXIF rotation code for the thumbnails could be used to rotate videos that are playable.

When using Files (nautilus) 42.1.1-1 it should be easier to copy the address from the file explorer address bar (or whatever it’s called). You can Open in Terminal, after right clicking on the three dots but you should also be able to copy the address with ease.

I can’t seem to reproduce the problem, but after opening multiple activities, for some reason the icons in the Applications window grew in size. It just happened about a half hour ago. It’s happened before, as well. Sorry I can’t be more help on the last issue. I’ll get back to you if I figure it out. It is happening on occasion, though.

Thanks for all your hard work. Testing is about all I can contribute unless you need HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or MySQL help.

gThumb is not developed by Manjaro. Report to the proper channel Issues · GNOME / gThumb · GitLab

Feature requests for Files should go to the proper developers too Issues · GNOME / Files · GitLab

Without providing system information and what extensions you have enabled, is almost impossible to connect any dots here.

Haven’t you already mentioned that in your first post here?

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