Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

Imported security updated for element-desktop was released.
matrix blog and #element-web:matrix.org
(the forum does not let me post link here)

Arch Linux has already update the package.

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Thanks for the heads up. element-desktop & element-web 1.84 are now available in all branches.

today in arch pacman 6.0.1-2
curl bugfix

Indeed, sir.

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May want to push the Discord package as soon as possible through the branches. It was updated and Manjaro users won’t be able to use Discord if it’s also not updated on the repos.


It’s updated now, but while you’re waiting in the future you can “cheat”:



I post it here as I am not sure the best place (packager is neither @manjaro.org or @archlinux.com email), grub-btrfs 4.10.2 fix the issue that currently breaks grub-mkconfig I think it should be fast tracked, so people stop not being able to have a working grub update when installing/removing kernels. Currently on Unstable Manjaro - Branch Compare. Threads related to the issue New kernel installed but does not shown in grub - #16 by Antynea and Installation of Kernel 5.14 doesn't create a grub menu entry - #24 by freggel.doe

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Maxim Baz is an Arch packager.

Just pushed it to testing and stable.


bad version in stable libopenshot 2.7.1-1 [ EDIT: fix typo error in version ]

bad call to setPreferableBackend() in libopenshot.so.21

if we install testing 2.7.1-2 in manjaro stable (wget…pacman -U), no error with openshot

openshot 2.6.1-2 is available in all branches.

yes but here, it’s libopenshot 0.2.7-1 : is not compatible openshot 2.6.1-2 :wink:

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Oh, missed that. :man_facepalming: That’s odd it didn’t make it into the stable branch.0.2.7-2 is now pushed to stable.

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Can we have python bumped to 3.10? Currently, evaluable only on aur at the moment, but many fixes have been applied into that release.

Python is a system critical package and should only be upgraded when everything else is ready to be built against it.

That’s fair enough.


I would like to request an update of element-desktop.

Reasoning is that Matrix “Spaces” integration in Element is out of Beta since a month, as well there has been a big Changelog.

ArchLinux is currently at 1.9.3-1

I wish you a good day!

1.9.3 is currently in Unstable, Testing and Staging branches, so it’s on it’s way.

In the future, check manjaro.org/branch-compare to see if what you are requesting is already on it’s way.

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