Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

Since ueberzug provides python-ueberzug, no changes need to be made to ranger. The redundant python-ueberzug package has been removed from the repos.

Pushed autogit 1.5.7-1 which now enables git-pkg updates for all, as it needed more testing.

:package: Done.

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Any reason why the Kernel 5.15-rc1 is not available on manjaro yet? @oberon

Pushed mutter-x11-scaling 40.5-1

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Consider renew the 5.15 kernel generation in the stable branch to a newer one.

rc6 is in unstable almost for a week now.
Please update stable up to rc5 at least.

We are experimenting: if I am understood correctly the lack was seen on the 5.4, 5.10 and 5.14, but 5.13 is fine (Some keyboard keys don't work after updating - #3 by S4ZCO).
5.15 results would be interesting, but it is month-old rc3 currently there.


Feel free to switch to testing or unstable if you’re impatient. :wink:

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SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1034 (2021-07-19) to revision 1038 (2021-11-02).

softmaker-office-2021 2021.1038-1 is on it’s way…

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I’ve pushed mutter-x11-scaling and gnome-control-center-x11-scaling 41.1 to Gitlab. :nerd_face:

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ranger (the terminal filemanager) is on some weird version on all manjaro branches … there are a lot of bugs in that version and i’d like to know why it’s not following arch (or the official releases) in that regard …

Our overlay is actually newer than Arch’s 1.9.3-3. 1.9.3 was released almost two years ago. Perhaps when one of us has some time, we may test some newer commits and push a newer version.

For now, perhaps try ranger-git in the AUR and see if it works any better for you.

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Please update these 3 packages in the kde-unstable repo at least up to their unstable branch versions:

To downgrade (3):
  kirigami2                    5.87.0.r2959.gfd0f7ba4-1     (5.88.0-1)     kde-unstable  673.3 kB
  layer-shell-qt               5.21.5.r51.g80f6a62-1        (5.23.3-1)     kde-unstable  33.3 kB
  plasma-desktop               5.23.2.r8785.gb23f7f80b-1    (5.23.3-1)     kde-unstable  7.5 MB

It is pamac's comparison with their unstable branch versions during update operation request.
Need the update in order to check the bug presence in latest kde version and to report it.

apparently those were skipped for some reason at latest ver bumps … thanks. Fixing that now.

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A bit earlier I already submitted a bug report (Ark 7zip and zip compression not working properly and crashing Dolphin - #90 by alven) with versions which unstable has.
So may be to skip that update for the same “some reason” for others is a good idea.

The ‘some reason’ only concerns cosmetic pkgver bumps. The commits are in fact actually the latest if you use the ones on kde-unstable branch.

Hi, I think that manjaro-check-repos needs to be also updated, now that stable-staging has been dissolved :wink:. Not that it doesn’t remain functional, just spews an error about not finding that branch. :wave:

gitlab updated EDIT: and package, thanks Mark

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