Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

Hi! Any reason why polkit is being held back and not pulled from Arch directly?
Arch version as of now: 0.120-2
Manjaro package is: 0.119-1

Nope. I guess it got missed. Just pushed 0.120-2 to unstable.

We’re using a patch.

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Please update netbeans to 12.5, it was released on 2021-10-04

It’s already flagged out of date. You’ll have to wait for the Arch maintainer to update it


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IBM has updated ttf-ibm-plex from version 5.2.1 (2021-07-24) to version 6.0.0 (2021-09-28).

Same answer as above. Please read the first post.

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Thank you @Yochanan for moving my post to the right topic. I have checked Arch Linux Packages, and yes, the package was already flagged out of date.


btop needs to be updated (at the least, in Stable repos it’s on version 1.1.0 , but the latest is 1.1.2).
Best system monitor I’ve found so far

I’ve moved your post to the appropriate thread. Please read the first post before making requests.

I read it, but I thought it wasn’t on arch
my fault

Could we get a quick update for geogebra? The current version is broken (saving a construction is impossible, I just spent half an hour doing a construction which I then wasn’t able to save…): FS#72846 : [geogebra] electron15 breaks sign-in function

The updated package just uses electron14 when building geogebra, otherwise no changes, so no breakage beyond what is already broken should occur: Use electron14 (FS#72846) · archlinux/svntogit-community@4ce8c45 · GitHub

geogebra 6.0.676.0-2 is now available in all branches.

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That was real quick, thanks a lot! Looks like the issue is still not fixed but I will comment upstream about it.

mediathekview 13.8.1 contains a security fix to patch CVE-2021-44228 (log4j)

13.8.1-2 contains the patch and is available in the unstable branch.

dbeaver to current version 21.3.1

thank for contribution, but please, read first message, it’s not a manjaro package :wink: (read “Packager”)

And is updated in testing

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rebuild-detector 4.3.0 includes bugfix that will help with python 3.10 updates. Please fast-track so stable branch skips 4.2.0 (contains regression, currently in testing)


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