How to flag an package of official Manjaro repos as outdated?


Are there any ability to flag a package from manjaro repos as outdated
everytime each user need to write PMs and emails to packagers when see outdated version
to make more and more mess of posts about different packages in Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers?



this forum topic (your link) exists for this reason or if it’s a bug, you can open a issue on

Is it not a bad practice of mess requests and possible lacks discussion of many packages in one single thread?

used since a long date
package maintainers are subscribed to this topic

Best practice:

Open an issue or merge request in the corresponding repo holding the PKGBUILD, post a link to that issue in the forum thread tou mentioned and ping the maintainer of that PKGBUILD in that post.

But nobody does that.

Sorry for the small post-necromancy but… how does one get access to creating issues on GitLab? Is it via invitation? Is anyone invited to ask for it? Asking because neither my personal GitLab nor my Manjaro Forum accounts have access (understandably?) to Manjaro’s GitLab project.

The sso is broken after we had to do migration. When it is working, each repo should have a button for requesting access. If the button is missing, ping the owner of the repo here or something.

Also new registration of a user account does not seem to be possible anymore?