[Unstable Update] June 2024 Edition

Beta drivers are not supported. I just updated the NVIDIA packages to 550.90.07 and it builds with 6.10-rc2 fine.

Notice the same answer is in the NVIDIA forum thread:

Yes, for ordinary users, but I answered my own question, which belonged to the beta version of the driver.

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Edited to reflect reverting changes

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it solved for me too with 555 beta.

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GNOME users with AMD or Intel graphics: Please test Mesa 24.1.1 and report if you still are able to login to a Wayland session.

EDIT: Nevermind, the issue will be resolved with mutter 46.2-1.2 shortly.

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See my updated reply above :point_up:

Todays sync for 3 systems running Plasma on Wayland - no hidden surprises

  • Lenovo X13 AMD gen4
  • Thinkstation P620 / 7900 XTX
  • Tuxedo InfinitibookPro 14 gen.8

I’m not running the ‘Unstable’ but the ‘Stable’ branch, but I can confirm these error message appearing in my logs lately (only once per boot). They always appear in pairs.

Gdm: on_display_added: assertion 'GDM_IS_REMOTE_DISPLAY (display)' failed
Gdm: on_display_removed: assertion 'GDM_IS_REMOTE_DISPLAY (display)' failed

The latest upgrade (see below) for gdm didn’t fix these either.

… [ALPM] upgraded libgdm (46.2-1 -> 46.2-2)
… [ALPM] upgraded gdm (46.2-1 -> 46.2-2)

Anything we can do about these or should we just ignore these?

EDIT (12.06.24)

I’ve checked journalctl now and can confirm that these error message first appeared after updating gdm with [Stable Update] 2024-06-10 yesterday.

… [ALPM] upgraded libgdm (46.0-1 -> 46.2-1)
… [ALPM] upgraded gdm (46.0-1 -> 46.2-1)

:arrow_down: EDIT #2 (13.06.24) :arrow_down:

It looks like GdmRemoteDisplayFactory is the culprit. The issue has already been reported in Gitlab and according to a comment in the ArchLinux forums, it’ll be fixed with GDM 47 or I assume with the next minor update.

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