Manjaro-Settings-Manager vs Plasma6

Am I correct in assuming that manjaro-settings-manager has no integration with System Settings window, nor a System Tray icon in Plasma 6 at this moment? Shouldn’t latter be possible with manjaro-settings-manager-notifier, or is its purpose different?

Yes, that is correct. The -kcm module for that tool was written for Plasma 5 and qt5, and it is not compatible with Plasma 6 and qt6.

I’m not sure whether that one has already been ported to Plasma 6, but maybe someone else can pitch in. :man_shrugging:


That kcm module was really cool, it gave a sense of tight integration between Manjaro and Plasma, plus it puts Manjaro tools inside Plasma settings making them easy to access instead of using two separate applications to manage system configs.


And for the Windows users who might need some kind of simple analogy; think of MSM being similar to the Windows Control Panel and the -kcm modules as being much like the .cpl applets, in terms of integration.

Manjaro Settings Manager and its Notifier are still there.

Hmm. Mine isn’t even on the list in the System Tray settings :thinking:
I can still launch the manager via krunner etc.

Did you verify what you’re missing is installed?

All dependencies are met, so I have no idea if I’m missing some other package.

Did you verify Manjaro Settings Manager Notifier is installed? Specifically manjaro-settings-manager-knotifier

Yes, and that, too, can be launched by the same means as the manager.

I have manjaro-settings-manager-notifier, since the -knotifier is for Plasma 5, and the two are in conflict.

I guess open a thread (or moderators move the posts). If you have Manjaro Settings Manager KNotifier installed, it will launch on login, and be in the tray.


OK then you confirm what I did not ask, I asked

So if you say Yes but the answer is No, it is difficult to understand the issue, so now, what if you install what I was talking about, and check again after reboot (reboot, for fail-safe method, I don’t trust you anymore on this now)?

“Yes” was to the original message, before clarification.

I replaced -notifier with -knotifier, and the tray icon is back :+1:
I think I did the switch when I reinstalled the manjaro-setting-manager.

Is the manjaro-settings-manager-notifier even meant for Plasma 6? The repo for the manager doesn’t look active on the notifier side.

I don’t think there is a version “for Plasma 6”. As far as I understand, there is no real need to, so far.

The other version is for “NOT KDE”, other desktop environment, I guess, as it probably uses a standard notification system instead of the specific KDE one. That’s my guess, as they are the same thing, same version.

Then the naming is somewhat confusing, since the package claims to provide manjaro-settings-manager-kde-notifier :laughing:

That’s just my guess, just what I can see in Pamac in any case is that:


Besides that, need to look in the code for differences I don’t know for sure.

//EDIT: maybe the QT-based version is actually broken now, as you tested it doesn’t seem to work.

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