DAW “Ardour” crashes on startup

After the update on 13th of june the DAW “Ardour” stopped working. It crashed on startup… After downgrading “libxml2” and “lib32-libxml2” everything was fine again.

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No such thing.

You posted in the Unstable Updates thread, but you profile says you’re using the Testing branch. The last Testing update was the 11th of June. If you are using the Unstable branch, mentioning a date is meaningless as there are continuous updates.

The what now? :thinking:

Please help us help you:

Digital Audio Workstation.
(Digital audio workstation - Wikipedia)

Ardour is among the most popular.

There is a package ardour in the repos.

Though it is still unclear as to what software source @hummel is referring to exactly.

Ardour starting again after libxml2 update to 2.13.0-3 (unstable branch)

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