Raspberry PI 5 : Possible kernel issue with SD Card?

I have a RaspberryPi 5 that has been running Manjaro + KDE since last october, on a Samsung 512 GB EVO SD card purchased at the same time.

Everything was fine until a couple weeks when I started seing stalling for long periods with the LED off, indicating SD card access.

This became worse and worse, I checked the logs and found out a high number of read errors on the SD card.

I put the SD card on another Raspberry Pi 5 : same issue.

I put the SD card into an USB3 adapter and tested it on my laptop (btrfs scrub) : No error. I could clone the SD card with Clonezilla : No error.

Still, the SD card doesn’t work in Raspberry Pi 5 anymore.

So I put the SD card back into the USB 3 adapter, plugged it into the Pi 5 and booted : No problem at all. I’m currently writing this using this Pi 5 with this setup : works just good.

I’m now running kernel 6.6.13-1-MANJARO-RPI5 and I believe it has been upgraded during the last weeks.

So I’m wondering : could I have a kernel issue that has broken the SD card reader during the last updates, as it affects 2 Pi 5s, but the card itself seems fine when accessed using an USB adapter ?

Both Pi 5s are happy running SD cards containing vanilla RaspberryPi OS…

Well I don’t know what to think, should I believe the card might be defective in “some way” that wouldn’t show when using an adapter ? Should I think it’s kernel related ? I don’t believe my Pi5 is dying on me, as 2 Pi 5 exhibit the same behaviour using the same cards…

Any suggestion welcome.

I would first switch to the unstable branch and install the latest:

linux-rpi5 (Version 6.6.18-1) (linux-rpi4 for the rpi4).

If the issue still exists with the latest packages then create an issue with the RPi kernel gitlab. I have not seen a similar issue reported here or on their gitlab.

Yes, I will try this, I’m on testing…

Still, I don’t rule out the fact that my SD card might be borderline-defective, i.e. that the Pi’s SD slot would access it faster than the USB adapter, or the USB adapter would provide a slightly higher voltage, or whatever…