Samba is blocking my OS from installing packages

Hi! I have a dual boot with Windows 11 and Manjaro, which I installed recently. When I try to access add/remove software and install anything, I get the error message saying:

  • removing samba breaks dependency ‘samba’ required by kdenetwork-filesharing when using pamac

And this is true for anything I try installing with add/remove. I tried sudo pacman for installing packages, but I get the same error message.

I also tried installing Anaconda by downloading it from the site and it stops mid-process, Does anyone know what to do?


Hi @Voltolini, and welcome!

It’s probably because your system in outdated. Or something. In any case, you need an updated system to install any packages and it looks like it is trying to update your system, because of the mentioned requirement. You probably also need to update your mirrors.

So let’s start with that by executing in the terminal:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5

Followed by, and this is important, ding the update:

pamac upgrade && pamac upgrade --aur --devel || echo -e '\033[0;91mThere was an error upgrading the system. AUR packages not upgraded.\e[0m'

This will update your system and ONLY if that was successful update any AUR packages.

a Reminder: While use of the AUR is possible, it’s neither recommended nor supported.

I recommend pamac instead of pacman, especially for newcomers as pamac was developed by Manajaro (developers) for Manjaro and just takes care of more thing than pacman.

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LC_ALL=C bluetoothctl

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Hope you manage!

Thank you a lot! I was really clueless!

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Not this. You shouldn’t install things from websites. Instead, look in the repositories and if that fails, the AUR:

$ pamac search anaconda
anaconda                                                                                                                                                                                                                           2023.03-1            AUR
Simplifies package management and deployment of Anaconda

It’s in the AUR, so can be installed using:

pamac build anaconda

If it was in one of the repositories, it would’ve been:

$ pamac install anaconda
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