Plasma 5.27 on stable branch?

I’m really looking forward to Plasma 5.27. Any idea when it might move over from the testing branch?

I know, I’m so impatient! :slight_smile: I thank goodness I am not on Debian stable - I think I would go mad.

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Probably with the next stable update:


When it’s ready.

Please don’t let us have a repeat of when we moved from 5.24…


Switch to Testing Branch. I got it there. You can switch back to stable afterwards.

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It’s a good idea to bookmark that page, and add tags like packages, plasma so they’re easy to find from the URL bar in Firefox.

'Cos this comes up every month… and the impatience gets to all of us, but I learned a lesson last time about jumping over to testing to get a preview - best just hang in for Stable.


Indeed, even in KDE Neon, the supposedly “KDE distro” despite their denial, the first 5.27 update already brings several issues. We don’t want them in Manjaro Stable branch.

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What issues? I see Arch is on 5.27.2 already.

I want it because it fixes some issues that 5.26 has. Example is GPU temp on NVidia proprietary. NVidia put spaces in their code and KDE 5.26 can’t handle it so KDE fixed it for 5.27.

Then switch to Testing.


I am ready! I started to have to start my laptop in native monitor mode then plug in the vga cable as soon as I saw I had a desktop. This got annoying real fast. Have been running 5.24.7 LTS.

Update! I managed to update to 5.26.5x last night. I had to delete a tiny config file deep in /locale/share/etc. to get the icon only task manager working.

But my native laptop display problem persists. I have gotten fairly nimble at pulling out the VGA cable on boot having it ready to push back in as soon as the laptop display shows. But that is pretty nuts! An upside is that the system awakes from sleep mode with no display issues. But it has always done that.

I will continue to use the xcompmgr for a compositor. My experiments with display issues led me to a discovery: Creating a script for it and adding a sleep 17 command before xcompmgr apparently allows it to more fully do compositing on all context menus and more. Plus it eliminates the annoying screen change at boot time.

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Sure, they’re one of many who encountered and reported the issues as well. Here are the still standing ones even after 5.27.2 (since 5.27.0 only 5 bugs fixed). You can either go Testing or Unstable branch if you’re impatient, but Stable must be stable, and there are bugs preventing it from reaching that status.


…Relatively stable then for a rolling release… :point_up:

Sounds EXACTLY like what happened with the move from 5.24…

My advice:

If you want it that badly, go get it from Arch.

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Or use unstable branch


What’s weird is that my raspberry pi devices ( I have a 3, 3+, 4 GB 4 & 8 GB 4) upgraded to 5.27 yesterday but my desktop is still on 5.26.5

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Raspberry Pis use ARM instead of x86, which requires entirely different builds. Manjaro ARM rolled out 5.27 for stable branch on the 12th.


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Who wants to make their whole system unstable for the need for an updated desktop? Be logical.

Also every version of KDE ever made has similar bug reports. The ones you need to pay attention to are the ones reported multiple times as those are probably real bugs and not the result of user errors.

That report can be found here: Most Frequently Reported Bugs

Note that most are crushed already.

This list is of the most critical only and I guess there are a few that could be annoying:

Bug List: VHI-priority Plasma bugs

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What happened on 5.24 to 5.25? I went through that change and noticed no problems that I can recall.

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Have a look here:


Lucky you :four_leaf_clover: