KDE plasma bugs after each update [Stable Update] 2022-09-12

after each big update, all my adjustements (activities, wallpaper etc) have to be done again …
I am tired…and I don’t use any fancy software, only using the plasma setting manager.

I am thinking to move to a more stable DE…

Shouldn’t you be asking a question here? AFAIK this is for support, not venting.

This also happens to me sporadically, not only after updates. Is a bug in KDE. Let’s wait for 5.26 …

very kind message , thanks

Let’s wait for 5.xxxx or 6.xxxx

Intended for general use:


The only thing I noticed is the return of that pink outer space image when I wake up the pc. Once I back in I don’t have to look at it. Surely not enough for me to switch DE

it’s the graphical frontend not the DE !!! Get serious and do the math !

I have no idea what you talking about, most of my KDE stuff runs… my wallpaper works but i have no blur in titlebar and 2 errors showed up (in journal) from autostart app settings.

Besides this i have no big issue.

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You should try to switch to 5.26 now to see how your computer reacts. Otherwise, do a fresh install. 5.25.5 is bug free and not much to say about the entire cycle. Nothing wrong either with 5.26 beta. KDE is a stable place to be even with what is called unstable.

Operating System: Manjaro Linux
KDE Plasma Version: 5.26.80
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.99.0
Qt Version: 5.15.6
Kernel Version: 6.0.0-1-MANJARO (64-bit)
Graphics Platform: Wayland


Tell that to the dozen or so people (so far) — myself included — for whom 5.25.5 is completely unusable since the upgrade from 5.24.6 LTS.

5.24.6 was smooth, polished, and had virtually no bugs anymore. 5.25 is alpha-grade quality software. For many people here on the forum, it simply locks up and causes data loss, and it happens regardless of whether they’re using X11 or Wayland.

And the KDE developers upstream know that it sucks, but their philosophy is simple: if you want stable, use 5.24.6, because 5.25 won’t receive any more updates before 5.26 becomes official, and 5.26 is only a stepping stone toward Plasma 6.


Overall Plasma works. I fave a “minor issue”, myself, but it’s no deal breaker…

This latest version, admittedly, isn’t as rock-solid as the precedant 5.24 IMO, perhaps there shall be - and no doubt there will be(fingers crossed) - bug fixes that will trickle their way down to us rapidly…?

No, because Plasma 5.24 is the last LTS release before Plasma 6, and the current 5.25.5 is the last bug-fix release of the 5.25 line.

After this one it’ll be 5.26, possibly with a few minor bug-fix releases — but no “full polish” job as with 5.24.6 — and then it’ll be Plasma 6.


OK, thanks for your patience and clarifying that for me - a simple misinterpretation of the current situation on my part, alas, and perhaps some wishful(hope?) thinking as well!

I’ll take a peek online, then, to find out how long this 5.26 version will actually have to be waited for per see the actual bugs encountered with 5.25 being ironed out.

Indeed, if it’s a lengthy processus - as in long drawn out affair - then, maybe, I might think about finding a way of going back to 5.24… Of course, I’m no geek, far from it, and, then, technically, that will no doubt present another set of potential niggles, even, major issues… :thinking:

If you have a backup from just before the major update of 2022.09.12, then you can restore that, add IgnoreGrp = plasma to /etc/pacman/conf and run the upgrade process again — it’s what I and several others have done — but technically speaking, this is a partial-upgrade scenario, and it is likely to lead to problems in the future.


…and unsupported. So I suggest we create a LTS Plasma users support group.


Nope, I didn’t do that alas… So, that’s that, then, to clarify the situation i suppose… :unamused:

…Could this be the beginning of a new spin-off? :smiley:

That’s an interesting question. Have you been eavesdropping on our private communication? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s just say that we’re currently brainstorming, but we can’t and won’t make any promises. :slight_smile:

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Nope. But, hey, 2+2=4 right, going by the opinions expressed of late… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: PS, I didn’t say nowt, right :smirk: