odroid n2 : can't start xfce-terminal

after a recent update I can't start xfce-terminal anymore.

odroid n2
xfce version

by not upgrading vte3 and vte-common the xfce-terminal can be started.

That's very odd, since the versions available in Manjaro ARM, is the same as on Manjaro Unstable, where it works fine.

Try installing another terminal emulater, like xterm and try running xfce4-terminal from that.
Ofcourse with the updated vte3 packages.

Post any output you might get.

Today I did a fresh install from the image :
I can start xfce-terminal before I updated vte3 and vte-common.
I install xterm and can start xfce-terminal from within xterm (no messages)
I update vte3 and vte-common
launching xfce-terminal just flashes on screen and disapears.
when I run xfce-terminal from within xterm also just a flash of xfce-terminal and no messages in the xterm window.

Thanks for the great ARM support.

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