Manjaro boot fail

Hi I have this problem one day I was just playing games and I updated my system, when I later wanted to start my pc again it would get stuck on the lenovo screen(right after that usually theres an icon that appears and manjaro boots). I have no idea why this is happening, I should mention that I have a dual booting system and I can start my windows boot normally without any issues.

so if youre dual booting, can you switch kernels, or use fallback kernel in the grub menu …
is there any message on the screen, or the screen is black?

We need more information.

Sorry my windows was updating on the screen theres only the lenovo logo, but if I go there through the boot menu by pressing F12 after starting the pc, the screen is black I think. idk what is grub so please explain.

since youre dualbooting i thought you have a grub menu where you select to boot into manjaro or windows… during boot after the lenovo logo appears try tapping repeatedly esc and hopefully a grub menu appears, and in the advanced options select different kernel… if it doesnt work, try enterint into TTY in the black screen with ctrl+alt+f2, if f2 doesnt work, try with f1-f6 keys

I have a boot menu when I press F12 before the logo appears if u mean this idk im not very skilled sowwy

I have just tried pressing escape and ctrl alt and all the stuff and it still didn’t do anything

so boot your pc and in the black screen try pressing ctrl+alt+f2, if f2 doesnt work, try with f1-f6 keys
if it didnt work you have to boot into manjaro live usb session, and chroot:
connect to internet in the usb session
open terminal and run this command: sudo manjaro-chroot -a
then we will continue

What’s a usb session

That would be your BIOS OS selector.
Since you don’t see any menu after selecting to boot to Manjaro, i suppose the GRUB menu – this is what @brahma was talking about – is hidden: [HowTo] Reach a minimal system

its when you want to install manjaro, you flash manjaro iso onto usb and then boot from the usb…

So I just download it and flesh it on a flash drive and then boot it from my boot menu? Will my files be deleted or are they fine?

yes thats it… no, your data will not be deleted dont worry…

Which version do I get?

that doesnt matter, only that its manjaro … download minimal version, dont need full for this

Manjaro - Generic Aarch64 Minimal I downloaded this fleshed it with balena etcher and then in boot menu selected the flash drive, but nothing happened and the boot menu stayed on screen and I could normally select what I want to boot

i dont know what that it, but you should donwloaded KDE, gnome, xfce iso, preferably the same youre using, then flash it onto usb and boot

idk but u said minimal version so I just searched it up ok gonna download KDE now.

yes do that

lol when downloading u have the option to select minimal, I didnt know that