Mace & MaceR - Manjaro cscs Edition & Recovery - KDE & LXQt+KWin

Mace & MaceR

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Somewhat vanilla, and slightly opinionated, they all come in versions of:

  • Manjaro-Stable + LTS-Kernel + Full
  • Manjaro-Unstable + Latest-Kernel + Minimal

A few of the major differences from official Manjaro Editions include:

  • Removal of msm-notifier, pamac-tray, plymouth, yakuake.
  • Convenient environment variables such as EDITOR and DIFFPROG.
  • Minor cosmetic additions to Plasma including themes, cursors, and icons.
  • Network adjustments including systemd-resolved, DNSSEC and DNSoverTLS where applicable.
  • zram in place of swap and set equal to physical memory.
  • tlp installed and enabled for energy saving.
  • Bash as default shell with working autocomplete.
  • Optimized initramfs and makepkg
  • Manjaro Architect included.

MaceR is targeted at repair and recovery applications and features additional tools.

Some of the extra utilities include but are not limited to:


Split-zip explanation:

The largest full image being MaceR with ~3.5G. All editions should be able to fit on a DVD.

As always, constructive thoughts are welcome.

Downloads and Links

The automated builds at github are provided in split-zips as described above, but full ISO’s will also be uploaded periodically and listed below.


Source and CI Builds

Current Complete ISO’s


Source and CI Builds

Current Complete ISO’s


Source and CI Builds


This is refreshing; in a world where we’re constantly told “Nobody uses DVDs anymore”.

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Manjaro Kwhip Edition :tm:

When a problem comes along you must whip it

Whip It, Devo

:running_man: I’ll see myself out…

I am sorry for my ignorance, but, where I can look for what exactly changes are made?

Its ok, there isnt exactly a list as some things were done by hand
(see: dropping my own theme files unpackaged, zram config, etc)
For the desktop profile, which you can peruse for those files, as well as the profile configuration in profile.conf and the package lists, most specifically Packages-Desktop would be the package list most modified (with comments that should be intelligible):

[each ISO project page should have a link back to the profile directory in iso-profiles]

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A finalized release of MaceR 24.0.0 is available.

Please see the Downloads and Links section above for this and other releases in the future.

Direct link:
Mace & MaceR - Manjaro cscs Edition & Recovery - KDE & LXQt+KWin

:warning:   Notice   :warning:

If you use ventoy < v.1.0.98 then you will need to use the Grub2 boot method.
More information here: Recent Arch ISO and Manjaro Development ISO problem with Ventoy

Manjaro ISOs are now using PipeWire and Wireplumber as default

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Thanks for the tip.
I have removed the entry and refreshed some of the ‘differences’ points.
I also took the time to do some more recent full iso uploads.
They can be found at the same place above. :slight_smile:

(still no finished lxqt-kwin. it is in a weird state and I have not been able to spend time on it.)

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It might only be a temporary issue, but in case its not, Cloudflare is throwing an Error 1101 that you may want to investigate.

Thank you for reporting.
But just now I could not reproduce.
(happen to be in a live ISO at the moment too)
The split zips at github are of course also available.

The other links performed as expected;
I’m downloading macer-kde instead. Thanks.

The current ISO won’t install on my rig.
The installer hangs indefinitely at a “pacman -Syy” call.

Oh no.
There should not be any difference with the Calamares installer.
I will check on it myself again though - which ISO exactly?

The current mace-kde-24.0.1-stable-full-240603-linux66.iso.
No idea whats happening there, it doesent give any output. :frowning:

/edit: Left it running for like 90 minutes, it just hangs at “pacman -Syy”.
For now im back on “stock” Manjaro unstable.