Please make Snapper/BTRFS Assistant the default

Well since Manjaro runs BTRFS by default a proper integration is actually a sound request.
You can still use Timeshift as a fallback if someone manually sets up a different FS.

Thanks for the Github link! Brave-Search’es AI and ChatGPT couldnt find . :stuck_out_tongue:
Your my hero. ^^

It does not - it offers the filesystem upon installation - the default is ext4.


Mhhh, so not just RHEL and SUSE ditched BTRFS.
Last time ive installed Manjaro it defaulted to BTRFS like everybody else.
Lets see what Architect has in store then… :wink:

Id still love to see it. Its a much, much more professional solution then TS.

For a long time - it has been offered in the installer - I can remember it not being available - but I cannot remember it being default.

btrfs is a fancy filesystem - with some advanced features - but it requires the user to be aware of the limitations - I have seen some topics over time where btrfs - due to lack of maintenance - has created problems for the user in question.

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Which is one of the reasons i advocate for a proper integration.
BTRFS Assistant offers automated housekeeping, it does alot more than just juggling snapshots.

But apparently you’ve decided to stick with ext4 since BTRFS is just too prone of weirding out. Fair enough.

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A recent post by @cscs mentions a bootable ISO project that may be of interest, which includes Manjaro Architect. With any luck he might expand on this a little when noticing this thread. Cheers.

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Btrfs works with CoW
So it is easy to recover everything

  • With timeshift ,
  • with snapper,
  • with any other tool, or
  • manually

Destroying a filesystem in this process is not easy to do.

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

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Due to this mention I will be adding


to the MaceR images along with coming updates in the near future.

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Its not like i really did anything, timeshift just crashed and took the FS with it. :-/

@cscs Love to see it! Ill certainly give it a shot when its done cooking.

/edit: one more note, BTRFSM integrates with BTRFS-assistant and handles all the mainenance tasks btrfsmanager does (and more), while giving the user some GUI-control over sayd tasks.
Worth considering, at least it would be on my “replace post install” shortlist.

Sorry, I dont grasp your meaning.

There is no btrfsmanager package?
Or btrfsm ?

Sorry i meant to say btrfsmaintenance not -manager, my bad.
BTRFSM is a bundle that contains btrfs-progs, btrfs-assistant, btrfsmaintenance and a bunch of scripts.
Might be some homebrew stuff one of our customers whooped up tho, ill have to check at work tomorrow.
at least i cant find it in the arch repos either atm… :frowning:

timeshift cannot crash your system or damage your filesystem. It runs entirely in userspace.

What’s more likely is that the kernel crashed your machine, or that a hardware incident — such as e.g. overheating, a RAM module having flipped a bit, or a voltage deficiency on one of the rails of your power supply — did so, and that could indeed take the filesystem with it on its way to the South Pole.

It never was. The default has always been ext4.

Manjaro had nothing to do with ext4 being the default on new installations, given that we use calamares as the installer, and calamares is being developed by other people. One of the Manjaro developers has a small input in that, but for most part, those people just do their own thing.

Even though I am not a developer, I was part of the Telegram chat of the calamares developers for a short while, so I know how they work, and how well — or how badly, depending on your vantage — they respond to input from third parties.

As the matter of fact, that’s exactly why they asked me to leave their Telegram chat, i.e. I was not “one of them” and therefore they didn’t want me to reside in their presence. And as a result, some of the bugs that I pointed out to them would linger for (at the very least) two more calamares versions.

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Damned peasants! …always finding muck in our work.


6.9.2 was causing me issues, so thats not unrealistic.

------- 8< ------- 8< ------- 8< ------

Maybe my memory plays tricks on me, but i was fairly certain i didnt touch the default settings and ended up with BTRFS.

------- 8< ------- 8< ------- 8< ------

Interresting, i wasnt aware you cant customize things like the FS used.
Since alot of distros that are deployed via calamares use different partition layouts ive always assumed you could… :-/

That’s not what was said…

EXT4 has always been the default filesystem for Manjaro. The user can change that via Calamares during install, but for BTRFS to have been used on your system it can only be the result of a conscious decision or inattention.


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Of course you can, but only if you opt for manual partitioning. If you opt for the default, it’ll be ext4, and if you opt for btrfs, then a default subvolume layout will be proposed, comprising… :point_down:

  • @ (mounted as /);
  • @home (mounted as /home);
  • @log (mounted as /var/log); and…
  • @cache (mounted as /var/cache).

It is of course completely possible to choose your own partitioning scheme and/or subvolume layout, as I have done. :point_down:

[aragorn] >   lsblk -o NAME,FSTYPE,MOUNTPOINT
├─sda1  vfat   /boot/efi
├─sda2  ext4   /boot
├─sda3  btrfs  /
├─sda4  btrfs  /usr
├─sda5  btrfs  /usr/local
├─sda6  btrfs  /opt
├─sda7  btrfs  
├─sda8  btrfs  /srv
├─sda9  btrfs  /home
├─sda10 swap   
└─sda11 btrfs  /var
├─sdb1  swap   
└─sdb2  btrfs  

[aragorn] > 

I think you misunderstood me there. What i meant was not possible to set BTRFS as the default option, i wasnt talking about user choice.

The calamares developers decided on making ext4 the default, because calamares is also used in (many) other distributions, some of which are more newbie-oriented, and btrfs is not a filesystem for absolute newbies.

It is a very powerful and very flexible filesystem, but one needs to understand how it works, and how to maintain it.

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Oh i get it, and i agree that its the “safe” option.
Having differnt backup profiles etc isnt something that will be important to everyone, so fair enough.
I just wasnt aware you cant change it to cater your distro to your liking.
Well, at least not the defaults… :stuck_out_tongue:

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