Hosed system with latest update, need timeshift on live usb

I updated to the latest system using pamac. I have KDE Bigscreen. On reboot I have a white screen with a red cross on the left of the window. I have Timeshift snapshots on a connected usb drive (that I think is ntfs).

Timeshift is not contained on the Plasma minimal live usb. If I d/l it to the usb I get a message that a restart is required but if I do that timeshift is removed.

Help please.

Isn’t that just a misunderstanding?
Probably a service is enabled and only activated on restart - but you can use the program nonetheless - or start some service manually.
I’m not familiar with timeshift.
Why would it not work when it is installed?

I get a msg that timeshift requires other dependencies and I need to restart.

What message?
What dependencies?
You can see it - we can’t.

I just tried to replicate what you did - but my xfce-minimal iso does have timeshift …

With the latest Plasma-minimal:
sudo pacman -Syu timeshift
pulled a few updates and installed timeshift as well


sudo pacman -Sy timeshift
is even faster - but all this likely only works easily with a recent iso - older iso’s will need to update a lot of the system before timeshift can be installed

MaceR (full version) has it.


I was going to suggest your ISO

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Thanks @cscs for your helpful suggestion. I didn’t see it immediately because I had a dim memory that Manjaro XFCE iso contains Timeshift, so I was d/l that. It did have Timeshift so now everything is back to normal.

BTW, I couldn’t see Timeshift on your list of included apps in the Mace recovery. Is it included?

It is included in the Full version.

The listed applications there are only a random sampling of examples.

A full list of the packages are produced with every build as well.

For the latest Full version:

But yes, it has timeshift.

That of course works too.

The MacerR looks excellent. I have d/l it to a bootable usb and to a ventoy usb in preparation for my next crisis. :grinning:

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