[Manjaro Rescue] system rescue edition

System Rescue edition

I have begun working on a Manjaro based system rescue image.

I know … technically you can use any Manjaro ISO but it may lack rescue specific tools and documentation.

I think the tools selection is adequate - what I am thinking is building some basic html documentation to display at the GUI when started.

The ISO in it’s basic form can be downloaded from linux-aarhus archive @ uex.dk

I have tested in a VirtualBox VM and the ISO can be loaded using 1 vCPU and 2GB RAM

Repo on GitHub - fhdk/manjaro-rescue-docs


Wiki comment

Known issues

:white_check_mark: add xterm to package list
:white_check_mark: add apache for cgi scripts
:white_check_mark: auto login as root
:white_check_mark: : set keyboard layout

Additional Requests (if not already included)

  • testdisk (rescuing lost data on fat)
  • gparted (secure partitioning)
  • mc (easy ls, cd, copy, move, diff, (un)zip…)
  • inxi
  • jre 8 or 21 (for using maxi :innocent:)

This is interesting.

I always have a Manjaro XFCE .iso on my Ventoy USB.
I have used the live.iso and chroot a couple of times mainly to restore GRUB since I dual boot.
I have to search online how to do it since is not something I do often.

Is it possible to have some automation or tools to make some processes easier and faster?
For ex. restore/install GRUB since is a common problem many people face and less experience users, like myself, have to search online how to do it.

A few days ago I gave manjaro-hello the possibility of opening a small utility to facilitate any type of system recovery or diagnosis. Maybe it can be done better but it’s a step forward :shushing_face:

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So uh … heres this …

I had already posted mace somehwere in here

Which had an addendum for it.

But I did it a few months ago and should revisit it for current packages etc.


Now that you mention it

  • I remember
  • I can see there is an overlap
  • package wise
  • perhaps usage wise
  • it is a project that has been on mind for many years
  • apologies for the possible collision of purpose
  • it is going to be something different
  • no install to hd
  • purely live nothing else
  • building on the lxqt-kwin profile from our lxqt-kwin profile

Perhaps you are interested in helping me with the project?

Right now I have a system booting to shell logged in as root. This is to make it possible to use without GUI and to be able so set keyboard and language before starting the GUI.

I am currently researching how to start the GUI session - because startlxqt gives me errors when I try to start it from CLI.

I want to use mkdocs and apache with cgi to execute scripts and displaying the result in the documentation browser.

A have a very raw idea … example


I know - this is one of the reasons I am exploring the options given by a webserver and cgi.

I was a bit confused about the name it has in the menu system - Restore previous configuration - it was not the name I was looking for :grin:

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I found a news-article with some tips (in german)

No apologies necessary, I was just pointing it out, maybe as an extra package base reference? etc.

I must have left this tab idle for some time, so sorry for lack of response.

I’d be happy to take a look whenever and if I remember :sweat_smile:

(also … this spurred me to double check … and last macer still boots anyways, but kernel 6.5)