Installing Manjaro Arm on X96 Air P3 TV Box

Open the ([How To] Install run Manjaro ARM on Amlogic TV Boxes with S922X - S905X3 SOC ) forum thread

Follow the installation instructions from “Spikerguy” to obtain the latest supported image and burn it to micro SD. Please note “Spikerguy” does not have a “X96 Air P3” box so cannot and has not tested it himself. The testing of the “X96 Air P3” box is reportedly done by @dante6913

Edit /extlinux/extlinux.conf on the micro SD card so it looks like below…as per the “Reserved for DTB List” post for X96 Air P3 box. The italized text shows the only change. Cautionary note: Do not use “Notepad” to edit the file, use “Notepad++”.

LABEL Manjaro
LINUX /Image
INITRD /initramfs-linux.img

FDT /dtbs/amlogic/meson-g12a-sei510.dtb

APPEND root=LABEL=ROOT_MNJRO rootflags=data=writeback rw console=ttyAML0,115200n8 console=tty0 no_console_suspend consoleblank=0 fsck.fix=yes net.ifnames=0 bootsplash.bootfile=bootsplash-themes/manjaro/bootsplash

Eject the micro SD card safely from your PC/Laptop. Remove the power connector from your X96 Air box and insert toothpick into the audio jack to feel the reset button (small click) and hold the reset button in while inserting the power plug back in. Hold the reset button in for approx 3 seconds while monitoring the TV……This is called the toothpick method of booting


Rather than use meson-g12a-sei510.dtb re-try the above using meson-sm1-sei610.dtb instead as per another suggestion on the long multiple box forum thread.


Download this file and unzip it…as per post 91 by @dante6913 in the forum thread

This will extract two files….



With the micro SD card back in the PC/Laptop, rename the u-boot.ext on the micro SD card to u-boot.ext.orig

Copy the downloaded u-boot.ext to the micro SD card.

Copy the downloaded meson-sm1-sei610LE.dtb to /dtbs/amlogic directory.

Edit /extlinux/extlinux.conf as described above to use the new downloaded meson-sm1-sei610LE.dtb file.

Save and safely eject the micro SD card.

Using the toothpick method described above to boot the X96 Air P3 box.

Result: The X96 Air P3 boots….but with no Ethernet , Wireless or Bluetooth connection.

You can now continue with the installation instructions from “Spikerguy”.

Where it says…

“On first boot during the login screen please switch the KDE Session from Plasma Wayland to just Plasma.”

The KDE session can be changed from “Plasma Wayland” to “Plasma” at the login screen where it is requesting your password. It is easily missed because it is very small. It is in the bottom left of the screen. This only needs to be done once. Failure to do this will result in a black screen once you have entered your password which means you will have to reboot.

sudo systemctl enable sound –now produces the error…

Failed to parse lines ‘ow’

sudo systemctl enable sound -–now produces no error

Does the sound work now? – NO

Result: The Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth and HDMI Sound connection are not working therefore the meson-sm1-sei610LE.dtb does not work. The new u-boot.ext does seem to work.

Use the new u-boot.ext and meson-g12a-sei510.dtb file which is the dtb file advised to use in the “Reserved for DTB List” post

Result: The Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth and Sound connection are not working therefore the meson-g12a-sei510.dtb does not work. Note: There is no need to use the toothpick method of booting now.

Use the new u-boot.ext and meson-sm1-sei610.dtb file

Result: The Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth are not working but HDMI Sound is working. An improvement.

Use the new u-boot.ext and meson-sm1-x96-max-plus-100m.dtb

Why this dtb file? The last dtb file @dante6913 used with great reported success was meson-sm1-x96-max-plus.dtb This dtb file tries to connect to Ethernet but fails. meson-sm1-x96-max-plus-100m.dtb works with Ethernet.

Result: Ethernet Works……so

Ran all the updates


Cannot get HDMI sound to work

Cannot get Bluetooth working

Cannot get Wireless Network working

Currently on Manjaro kernel version

Any assistance, greatly appreciated.

dtb files

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