[ARM Stable Update] 2021-05-09 - Plasma 5.21.5, Firefox 88.0.1, KDE Gear 21.04, Gnome 40.1 and Kernels

Updated to kernel 5.12 on pinebook pro, kernel panic after 5min will report back if it happens again

Should be mmcblk2 then. We don’t use the bootX partitions.

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One more time Thanks a lot for your help yaisse
This 5.12 kernel is rock stable for the N2, less graphic bugs, the device is now stable fete
Only issue the sd card is recognize with lsblk but not with dolphin icon_question
nothing is perfect :-)
Have a good day

How can I get this stable update 2021-05-09? I’m on release 21.04, stable branch with my X96AIR (X96MAXplus).

I’ve tried several things, refresh pacman-mirrors etc., switch to testing branch, but I still stay in linux-vim

The ‘sudo pacman -S linux’ break my installation, Kernel don’t load, box hangs in boot process.

Any advice?

GT King Pro Manjaro-Arm-XFCE updated with just minor warnings.

Linux MNJROGTKPro 5.12.2-2-MANJARO-ARM #1 SMP Sat May 8 20:04:09 UTC 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

    warning: directory permissions differ on /etc/sudoers.d/
    filesystem: 755  package: 750

    ::WARNING https://repo.manjaro.org 'Connection: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='repo.manjaro.org', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: / (Caused by ConnectTimeoutError(<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0xffff97d0d850>, 'Connection to repo.manjaro.org timed out. (connect timeout=2)'))'
    ::INFO Downloading mirrors from Manjaro
    ::INFO => Mirror pool: https://repo.manjaro.org/mirrors.json
    ::INFO => Mirror status: http://repo.manjaro.org/status.json
    hint: use `pacman-mirrors` to generate and update your pacman mirrorlist.

Edit: Manjaro-Arm-XFCE-linux-5.12.2-2 still does not “Reboot” or “Shutdown Cleanly, need Power Cycle to Boot up”. On linux-vim-5.11.y it “Reboot” but have high chances of “kernel Panic” during boot up or after boot up.

Another observation is that there is hesitancy on the system at times even with cpupower governor set to “performance”. Other than the above Manjaro-Arm-XFCE be stable. Thank you for the great support.

linux-vim package is still on 5.11.

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S905X device does not boot after update. Uboot - OK, Kernel - OK, but nothing happens after log: “Starting version 248-5-arch”. I have uart access, how I can try to debug this? How can I display the full log on the screen during boot?

After update on pinebook 1080p with sway, the sway graphics is not working again. They told me that it is due to wlroots rewrites and mali3d lima driver bug. There are 2 solutions to the problem:

  1. upgrade mesa to newest development drivers: sudo pacman -Syu mesa-git


  1. downgrade sway & wlroots: sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/wlroots-0.12.0-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz /var/cache/pacman/pkg/sway-1:1.5.1-2-aarch64.pgk.tar.xz

PS: Should I write this post/solution to the Issues wiki post on top of thread?

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I would suggest making an own topic with the error description and then add a post with your proposed solution and mark it as solution to the original error… so it can be easily found and checked upon.

Hello @Strit you wrote:
‘We even updated the uboots for most of the AMLogic boards.’

Can I get these uboots from Github for testing purpose?

I’ve installed Manjaro-ARM-xfce-vim3-20210510.img.xz, but there are no new uboots.

Thanks in advance.

Not sure Vim 3 uses our uboot currently.

Just checked, it does not. It just uses a boot script, so it relies on uboot from android on the eMMC.

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Issue, no reboot after this stable up date for the Odroid C2 kde.
I built a new image, same issue no reboot.
If I’m not wrong it’s the same issue as @Lila-Kuh

The Odroid c4 kde reboot after the last testing up date (2021.05.13)

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x96mini tv box here.
Usually everything for khadas vim2 boots for me.
After the update Manjaro fails to boot, I created an installation myself but that also didn’t boot.
I’ve always had a 2 partition layout and the right extlinux conf, so that’s not the problem.

Hi there, thanks for the update!
Will there eventually be a Gnome RPi4 release? Or how can I get Gnome 40.1 running on my Rpi4?

Please have a look at our community builds: GitHub - manjaro-arm-community/gnome-images

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Thanks, this is awesome! Should be in the download section on the main website.

soon i guess, in the raspberry imager as well… channel ‘rasberry pi projects & more’ just made a video review and ive messaged leepspvideo to mention it in pi news as well

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Here’s the link to the video: https://youtu.be/C1agU4LdS_c