Info: Portmaster running causing "Host unreachable" when trying to install icons or effects from Pling or KDE Store

Was trying to get Numix Circle and something to maximize that goes better along with Wobbly Windows.
“Host unreachable” is the error I got for everything I tried. My repo is in Denmark.

Download of “Bonny-Dark-Icons” failed, error: Host unreachable, for instance.

Seeing as there is no package named like this, how are you trying to get those?

They come from the KDE store.

Your Manjaro repos have nothing to do with where you get visual things for Plasma. I am able to download Bonny-Dark-Icons without issue, so it doesn’t seem that Pling is down. Are you able to connect to and ?


Yes, the web pages work fine. Thinking about that it’s not in the repos, I recently installed Portmaster (from the repos). Got rid of ads in the Web Browser widget that way on my second Activity. Hm, maybe that’s blocking the connection… Yepp, stupid me. Portmaster ran in the background.
How about deleting the thread or maybe renaming it to something more useful for others now.
Thanks for replying, it was a big hint for me :slight_smile:

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