About the Tutorials category

Tutorials are member-contributed posts that describe how to achieve something with Manjaro.

Posts in the tutorial section should include a good level of detail (not only a single line or command) and be written in clear, unambiguous English. To try and make sure tutorials are safe and valid you must have ‘member’ (TL2) or ‘regular’ (TL3) status to post or reply, if you are below TL2 contact a mod.

The Tutorial section is not to be used for asking questions or seeking help unless these help improve the tutorial.

Topics in this Tutorial section should be rewritten into a Wiki article whenever general interest is high enough. Then, a discussion topic can remain in the Tutorials section.

A separate account is needed in order to create and edit wiki.manjaro.org articles. Please drop a message in Feedback/Wiki and ask for a Wiki account.

It is possible for higher level forum members to edit tutorials marked as “Wiki”. Please try to contact the original author before editing tutorials from other people. If you want to create your own “Wiki”, please ask for help from @moderators.