Where do I report bugs

Hi I’m a new User and wanted to report a potential bug but not sure where or how I should do that or is it restricted to developers? thanks



Anyone can report bugs under the development section.


It’s a bit unclear how to post bug.
I recently open a topic for support, but after several research, I think it might be a bug.
So following your post here, I try opening a topic in development sections as bug report.
This topic was accepted, relocated in support and closed…(as considered as cross post).
I’m ok with that, but I would be happy to have more details on how to improve attempt to report bugs (it’s a bit confusing to me to do this on a forum).

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Manjaro does not develop wifi firmware, that turns your issue a upstream issue, then It might be already solved upstream but the patch my not be here yet, then you have to find out if this could be resolved at packaging level after that you have to check if is a Manjaro maintained package or a Arch one to be able to report a bug in the correct place, its complex but that’s is how it works, however patched or not you still have a issue so it got moved to support section to see if there is a current solution to your problem.

Well the point is that tries I made with other live session (mint) which use exact same firmware version works properly. This is what leads me to suspect maybe something specific to Manjaro or Arch is not ok with my laptop.
This tricky thing is that I miss an Arch live session for easy tests.

How can I check if a package is Manjaro maintained (incl settings) or Arch ?

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You will have to check ho has build the package, that can be done in Pamac, then you inspect the package and see of something is missing, but if you have samo error, like a core dump or something else at application level then you can skip checking the package and go directly upstream, or if you not sure you can always ask in the forum, there is no easy way its all about debugging skills.

Sometimes it could also be that you changed something in your configuration files manually that causes an application crash.

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