How to make notifications on xfce4 behave like in gnome (notification history panel)?

Hello guys, thank you for helping me, I always have an issue with notifications, when I get a notification for Whats App, for example, it appears and then disappears, there is no place to lose the notifications, is there a solution to this issue?

There is another thing I want to help you with, I want to use this website, is there a file that works, I tried many files, but I couldn’t find one, and is there a file in my VPN?

hi @dsl i tried my utter best to understand your sentence however i couldnt so please try again with proper punctuation and sentence structure.

Is learning how to write properly in school still a Thing? Guess not.


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Hope you manage!

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thank you bro to your comment

i mean the notification on xfce4 It appears once and then it disappears. There’s nowhere to fix the notifications not like gnome

i will edit it

It is really hard to to guess what you want to describe.
Better type it in your native language and use a translator.

Let me guess:
In xfce you can set a notification icon to the tray:

  • menu - settings - panel - objects - add - xfce4-notifyd
    …but, xfce is not gnome, so don’t expect the same behaviour.
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thank you bro I mean notifications appear and disappear and there is no place for notifications to appear like GNOME, I have to check the programs to see if there are any new ones like Whats App.

left click on the bell icon in the panel → notification settings
right click on it → settings (or “properties” or however it is called in english)

These notification settings I searched but couldn’t find any option to show notifications permanently on the top bar

…use xfce4-notifyd, it will lead you to the notifications settings.

change “log notifications” option to something like “always”

Currently it seems the setting assumes you saw the notification as it popped up, so it does not need to be saved. I do not use xfce so i cannot give more precise answer.

you can have them logged - and access them later, depending on how you configure it

I still don’t know what you mean, I guess. :man_shrugging:
… the number of logged notifications? and when you click you get to see the log?
I don’t use Gnome so I don’t know what it looks like there.
It’s probably a Gnome extension.
I would not want to actually see all the notifications all the time - but this is what it seems you want.
I just don’t understand what you want to describe.

If you don’t want the notification to disappear, open Notifications, go to the Appearance tab, and uncheck “Disappear after.” Then the notification will stay visible until you click on it.

this i think is how long they stay on screen. What he wants it seems is how to access them after it has disappeared from screen.

T+ = See you later

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There is no such place in xfce. If you want you can turn on logging.

thank you My friend, I mean there is no fixed place for notifications after they appear and disappear, I have to check the programs to see if any notification is coming or not, unlike GNOME

Xfce is not like Gnome

Thank you, that’s a good solution, I did it, I have to set specific minutes for it to stay visible, I want it to have a place where the notifications settle, like GNOME.

I use neither Xfce or Gnome, but from what I’ve read in this thread, I’ve come to the following conclusion:

OP want the Xfce notifications to behave like Gnomes. This isn’t possible, seeing that Xfce is not Gnome. They might use the same GTK back-end (I’m not even sure about that) but that’s where the similarities stop.

So it seems there is nothing to fix, since everything is working as designed. Therefore, OP, it is suggested that if you want Gnome-like Notifications, you need Gnome. Unless there is an extension or something that can help.

I want it to have a place where the notifications settle, like GNOME.

Excuse me, my friend, I don’t know what you mean.