Fresh install manjaro i3 and first update

Hello there,
big fan of manjaro, especially the i3 community version.

I was doing a fresh install on my laptop of manjaro i3 21.2.6-220509.
And of course first thing I did was an update.

is it normal to have a 3GB+ update after fresh install?
or am I missing something? maybe I downloaded an old iso?

Once the update was done.
I came across a bunch of errors, I think mostly with python.
Big user of autokey and safeeyes but I get a few python errors.
is there a link on how to fix thoses?

over the years, I came across a few problems after an update/upgrade.
Most of the time, thanks to this forum :slight_smile: , I found solutions so that I don’t have to start fresh.
So I was wondering if (I’m still a newbie) there is a good practice/link to good practices to go through before a big update/upgrade to avoid running into a lengthy trouble shooting process?

so far, my only good practice is to do a restore point with timeshift before any update.
I’m still looking for a script to launch a timeshift restore point before automatically launch the update/upgrade once the restore point is done.
if you know any, let me know :wink:

thank you in advance.
Let me know if you need any additional information

Hello and welcome,

i3 is a community project and got no new iso based on latest stable snap in quite some time, so yes, it was normal to have a huge system update.

Is important to know what errors you encountered. Usually each announcement has a mini wiki. Some updates come with demoting some packages to AUR … That is also something to check.
Here is an example from way back regarding python

Those do not get mention anymore as the new updates come around … but reading the announcements is always a good thing

For timeshift there are a couple of things you can check
if you are using btrfs

To consider

And in the future when you ask for help


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