Every update every problems

We changed the way how Nvidia drivers act on DRM. Seems that create black screen issues with hybrid setups, which don’t use Nvidia drivers for that. Therefore simpledrm, which is used gets blacked out and no DRM module is loaded - hence black screen when plymouth is active.

We are currently in the process to revert that made change.

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This topic looks similar to previous topic from 2022

link counts suggest OP has probably read How to Post and [root tip] [How To] Update Manjaro the smart way but not [HowTo] Receive better support

updated Nvidia drivers are now pushed to stable branch: [manjaro-packages] [BoxIt] Memo (x64)

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Please see:

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As you are using NVIDIA graphics these posts may apply to you. Update your Nvidia drivers and perform system update and this may solve your issue.

the problem at this point exactly after update nvidia driver then restart, i get another issue and the system crashed, i fix the issue using optimus-manager because in my laptop i have two card graphics

Same problem and disabling plymouth was not enough.
Solution for me : tty, login root. Activate wifi with nmtui (to avoid errors like the screenshot in post #22). pacman -Syyu and I got the new nvidia package. Sync, reboot and all is fine.


You mean two graphic-cards… we IT nerds would say two GPU’s.