AUR builds are failing

I have been having issues with AUR packages failing to update (last 6 months or so), especially while using the GUI (in fact the GUI fails almost all the time). Sometimes they work if I build using pacman via terminal, but it is getting quite old.

Recently an update seems to have taken out the Cura version I was using, but the default AUR package again wasn’t building. A binary version from the AUR repo seems to work for now, but is it possible to be able to smoothly update packages again? I just feel like recently any small update goes through way too many dependency breaks.

Am I doing something wrong?

Current software specs are:

  • GNOME Version: 45.1
  • Windowing System: X11
  • Kernel Version: Linux 5.15.140-1-MANJARO


Hi @Gforce6point0,

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Hope you manage!

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Also, the output of this would be useful:

pamac upgrade && pamac upgrade --aur --devel || echo -e '\033[0;91mThere was an error upgrading the system. AUR packages not upgraded.\e[0m'

This will update your system and ONLY if that was successful update any AUR packages.

a Reminder: While use of the AUR is possible, it’s neither recommended nor supported.

I recommend pamac instead of pacman, especially for newcomers as pamac was developed by Manajaro (developers) for Manjaro and just takes care of more thing than pacman. For example:

pacman does not interact with the AUR.
Perhaps you mean pamac?

What are the actual errors?

Do you have the prerequisites to use the AUR?


Perhaps this is because base-devel was changed from a group to a meta package which required a reinstall.

sudo pacman -S base-devel
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I remember several AUR packages which I abandoned over the years once they started to fail - so it’s VERY important for you to be specific.

  • What package(s)
  • What failure

It might be worth doing it again in your terminal and

pasting the output
using backticks to denote code
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As I described earlier:

A generic comment on the topic title and the statement

Do you remember what AUR is an acronym for?

Arch User Repositories.

AUR is available but unsupported and in some cases it requires Manjaro Linux unstable branch to be on par with Arch Linux libraries.

While pamac has the ability to rebuild custom packages - does it work? - that depends on the maintainer of the script in question.

Yes, you are.

  • Failing to check the comment trail for the custom script(s) on AUR
  • Assuming that Manjaro endorse the use of AUR
  • Assuming the availability implies a continued stability on Manjaro
  • Assuming Manjaro is responsible for the quality of a custom script

What you can do to rectify