[APP] - matray - Manjaro announcements tray app (the new one)

Dear Manjaro community,

The purpose of matray is to show you notifications about news/announcements posted on the Manjaro forums and Twitter.

It’s a small tray application that shows a menu with the latest news articles.

Now you might already know mntray. matray is a re-implementation of it.

Why re-inventing the wheel?

Main reason is that the library that has been used with mntray does not seem to be maintained anymore.

Since it is a Golang → Qt wrapper lib, it’s just a matter of time, until it is going to break while new Qt versions are being released.

Also compilation (compilation preparation really) is super resource intensive and tricky to set up.
(I couldn’t come up with a working PKGBUILD from source for that sucker (mntray))

Other than that:

  • Lower memory footprint
  • Multi language (help translating it if you can :wink: , see below)
  • Smaller binary
  • Choice of tray icon theme
  • Just for fun

How to install it?

matray is available in the AUR (I guess you guys know how to install those):



Translations!!! Fork, translate, create pull request…
I could only come up with a German translation so far, sorry. :wink:

Of course, code contributions and constructive feedback is always welcome as well :slight_smile:


Installed, works nicely, dutch translation sent :smiley:

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I had some free time and translated all into Polish :wink:


Thanks guys.

@Tomek Thanks. Merged.
@Hanzel Thanks. Merged.

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Ah yes, I’m not entirely sure how I did that, still learning how to use git properly and I will make mistakes, a study in time traveling would help me. Apologies if I did something inappropriate.

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All good.

Me too :slight_smile:

Very nice will give it a shot :clap:

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Created a PR for danish translation. :slight_smile:

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Created PR for Russian translation. :wink:

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Created a PR for extra build dependencies :wink:

I’ve noticed some bugs with how the notifications look in KDE Plasma, so I opened an issue about it here. Please do take a look at it, and thanks for the hard work you’ve put into this project.

Can’t reproduce it on my Plasma VM.

@cookiesource Do you face the same issue?

I just saw your reply on GitHub and responded back. I’ve closed the issue for now while I make a separate post in this forum to help me figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it.

no this issue doesn’t happen on my end Plasma 5.21.5 I will update to Plasma 5.22 soon to see if the issue isthere but I doubt it

I should note I installed the app by building from source and didn’t use the AUR

Ok, thanks for feedback.

The AUR package does build from source as well. :wink:

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Stupid question, probably, but why is the Manjaro icon in the tray icon blue or red and not the usual Manjaro green? Somewhat sticks out compared to the default color scheme and themes…

I used the ones from the Papirus theme that have been made for mntray. And their style is a blue accent color. Second reason is that is that I personally like blue more than the manjaro teal color :man_shrugging:

Now “System” is the one that is provided by the theme you’re using (Most likely they don’t provide one, so you’d see a “no image” icon). It uses the icon name of the “previous” app: mntay-regular / mntray-news.

Designing icons or anything like that is really not my thing. So if you have better icons, let me know.

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Just sent Italian translation :it: :slight_smile:

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The icon is perfectly, it’s really just about the color, but as you say, looks like it’s a matter of taste. :slight_smile:

@moson Hi I’m currently looking at mnserver
upx is not mentioned as a dependency but your build script seems to use it

I get this error as well in the terminal when I’m trying to run it and the instructions don’t really say what port this is running on reading the code I figured out it runs on might be worth adding for documentation sake