Welcome and introduce yourself - 2023

I made my first attempts on the Suse 6.0. Suse used to be THE standard distri for me.

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Hi there! I started to use Manjaro around eight years ago. Before that I had no experience with Linux worth being mentioned here. Back then I have chosen Manjaro for its easy access to the AUR and the rolling release update model. Relying on Manjaro I could find quite proper solutions for all my uses which recently were centered on the production of academic texts. I just bought a new computer and would like to get more conscious about system maintenance. So, that is why I registered here. Thanks a lot.


Hello everyone,

I am a long time Windows and MacOS user. I would not call myself a power user, but still, I am pretty good at computers. I am a designer, and I have no knowledge of coding. I have been able to edit some simple codes on apps with common sense but I have zero knowledge of coding languages.

I have a Lenovo Legion 7 with AMD Ryzen 5800H cpu and Nvidia RTX 3080 Mobile GPU. I have always tried and gave up on Linux for the last two three years. I always approached Linux because I LOVE personolizing UIs of my systems, phones, tablets…etc - for which I am using Android - and I find Windows and MacOS very limiting. On the other hand, I have always left Linux, because of lack of software that I am used, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Affinity Suite, Alias Studio and I had difficulty to learn and adapt to certain alternatives on Linux such as Gimp or Krita, and some of the softwares such as Alias Studio has no alternatives on Linux. I also left Linux as I had hard time to learn commands, install nvidia drivers (my old laptop was an MSI laptop with mobile Nvidia GTX 980m and my 2017 Macbook Pro is unusuable on Linux because of a chip that they use ) and ended up breaking down the systems or having big lag and performance issues.

Lately my life changed, I gave up my carreer and started to work in the shop of a friend, so I dont really need Alias Studio and Adobe Suite even tho it would be nice at least to have Adobe Suite. I got very fond of Blender both for modelling and rendering, and it is supported on Linux. So… I made a “crazy” decision and deleted Windows from my Legion 7 and installed Manjaro Gnome. I have always avoided Manjaro on my Linux experiences. I had always tried Ubuntu, Fedora and KDE Neon. I should admit that I was VERY pleasantly surprised with Manjaro. Installing with the proprietary drivers, it worked out of the box with very good performance! Then I started to learn slowly pamac commands and I love them, especially pamac search, this way I know how a package is called. After a week of using Manjaro Gnome, the persoonalizing options seemed limiting even tho I LOVE Gnome Extensions, but also because I am curious to experiment, I decided to install KDE on my extern SSD.

At first I installed KDE Manjaro and I had terrible lag and terrible scaling issues. Then I tried Fedora, KDE Neon, Kubuntu, Open Suse…etc. I installed, tried fixing, broke, reinstalled, tried, broke, reinstalled…etc. and during this period I learned some fixes to my problems. The scaling issue on my 3440 x 1440 res 34 inch external monitor was fixed by forcing the dpi to 96 with kcmshell5 fonts. The performance issues are kind of solved by using the high performance settings on Nvidia X Settings control panel under powermizer settings even tho on the integrated GPU, I find that it works much smoother. So I have to find a way to force Linux Plasma to use my integrated GPU for system rendering and Nvidia for the rest. I read that it is possible but I still have to learn.

And I am so happy that I remain on Manjaro with KDE as well because I am getting used to pamac, pacman…etc and different package managers on Fedora, OpenSuse and Kubuntu was confusing me, especially since I am too new yet, rougly 1-2 weeks of limited experience.

I also like AUR as I find almost everything that I want on it without searching on internet for tutorials on how to install and add repositories for each app.

I wrote this long message - please forgive me for long message - both to introduce myself, to present my appreciation to Manjaro and to also start a thread where I will ask questions about my journey in Linux and to improve my experience in it with your help. I was curious, could I open just one thread where I keep asking my questions? Or is it more preferable that I create a new specific thread each time that I have questions?

Thank you in advance!

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open a thread to each specific problem, also use the tags to place it in a category that fit most to the problem you’re asking for.
here’s some useful info:

Hello, I am Ronin from India.

I have been a part of cyber security and programming since my school days, I do pentesting for web applications and APIs, write automation scripts, and some times random projects for fun.

I am currently working as a associate software engineer for a startup, and it’s been amazing.

Looking for so many things to learn and contribute here.

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Hello yall, I’m Logan. I am currently studying Electrical Engineering in New Mexico, USA and have been using Linux ever since high school when I got a Raspberry Pi as a present, before then I’ve been using only Windows. I’ve been using Manjaro with KDE as my DE for about a year now and have been enjoying it! Right now I have a HP 15t I bought in 2018 when I started school with a Ryzen 5 2500u and Vega 8 graphics that I dual boot with Windows 10, both on separate drives. Hoping to learn more about Linux as I enjoy the freedom of customization it gives.

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I’m new with Manjaro, even if I’m old enough to have used VT400 Term :slight_smile:
I’m a French teacher specialized in computer science: I was under Windows for a lot of time, expert of registry keys and re-installation.
With Win11, menu bar could be only horizontal: that’s boring me (I love having my apps in vertical bar on the left of my screen, especially when it’s an Ultra Wide Screen).
My english level isn’t good, so please excuse me if my sentences aren’t clear enough.

I would thanks all users of this forum who have (and will) help me.

Hello everyone,

I’m John from Midcoast Maine.

I’m new to Manjaro, but just installed XFCE. I have been using Ubuntu and Linux Mint for quite a few years now and decided to switch. Looking forward to using Manjaro.