Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

Hahaha that was your sign, right? Same here - I was blown away by the stability of it and so I made the switch from Ubuntu and now I’ve gotten serious about learning Linux in general… out of necessity as well as desire. Welcome again, and look forward to seeing you around!


“Roland Manjaro’s founder, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and that is where the name comes from” says here.




I’m fighting to quit windows for some years now and switching to Linux now and then for some periods of time, hoping that now is the time. Been lurking for a while, watching some videos and reading some articles.

Sorry for all the silly questions I will make.


Welcome @Rashar! I can, as a new guy myself, confidently say that you should not feel bad or hesitate to post your ‘silly’ questions. The community here is impressively supportive, so fire away!

It’s becoming almost routine, but let me link you to @Fabby’s fantastic tutorial outlining some ways to get started learning the New Way :smiley:

See you around!


Hello community. Hope i will enjoy being family member here. Linux is rocks and love it much. I want Linux stickers for my Laptop :slight_smile:


Hello all. My name is Ted, and I am in the simple USA. I first installed Manjaro only yesterday, February 27, 2021. I did some online research, and Manjaro seemed like a good OS to try. I am glad I did. I enjoy it very much. I have some problems, but perhaps the Forum will be a good help. I am making changes, and it is fun. Bless you all, no matter where you live. I hope to communicate more in the future. Thank you all.


Hello, I guess I’m technically reintroducing myself, since I was a past member who kinda missed the memo about the old board. Hobbyist writer and winamp skin maker, very much a white belt novice at arch, but have been using Manjaro as my OS for a little over a year. Started with Ubuntu in 2012, then Xubuntu, and ran with Kubuntu from 2014 to 2019. Recently purchased a new computer, but am still struggling with issues similar to my old computer, strangely enough.


Hello everyone, I firstly tried Linux in 2019.11, using Deepin, then turned to Ubuntu, Mint…… finally Manjaro. I’m just a desktop user, searching for something easy to use, but also “enjoying” the feeling of rolling my operating system. However, loving GUI doesn’t means that I don’t use commands at all.
I hold the view that Open Source is the future of the development of software. May Manjaro forum become better and better.


Hi all. I moved to Manjaro from Windows XP, 8 years ago, for my business/play machine - this OS & the Manjaro community never cease to amaze me. Things just get better and better. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this inspiring & generous project. More power to you all. Ruziel.


I am part of the great Windows 7 diaspora, have been using Mint ever since support ended last year. With my new PC I wanted to try something different and up to date. Since I’ve always been interested in Manjaro… well here I am
well not quite, I’m actually here because I might have made a huge mistake and IRC support no longer exists :wink:


I just want to say that I LOVE Manjaro :heart::heart::heart:
Waiting for the day when I’ll only have Manjaro installed, can completely remove windows & only use Manjaro…:smiley:


Greetings, my name is not important, and I’ve been told I don’t exist.


Hello! I’m a fairly new manjaro user and last time I used linux for personal use was some years ago and back then I used ubuntu. Figured I should get into linux again and found manjaro and will go ahead to install it on my laptop, hopefully I can help the project in some way (I’m not that good at programmig but I’m going to start getting into python).

Most of my experience lies in networking and serveradministration (mainly windows servers), know some HTML and CSS as well.

Has experience in technical support 1st to 3rd line and working as a information system operation manager atm :slight_smile:

Looking forward to becomming a part of the community

Edit: oh yeah I’m from Sweden :wink:


Hi *,

I use Linux for about 20 years. On our servers we use Centos, Debian, Ubuntu. Manjaro is my desktop disto at work for 2 years and enjoy to have a rolling distro. I started with Deepin Desktop Environment … now using KDE.

Greetings from Bern, Switzerland,


I am a new user of Manjaro and is very happy to use it - 9 of 10 stars - the last star is missed for not to have a app for grub customizer. i can get it with Sudo but it is more difficult.
i have tested more than 15 different Linux systems and find Linux Mint 20.1 to 10 stars, it has all features i ask for.
Now - i test Manjaro for more and look forward to rate it to 10 stars.
Best regards


It’s good to hear that you’ve given Manjaro a try and that you give it 9/10 stars.

With regard to Grub Customizer, there have been many (probably hundreds) of forum threads over the years discussing this app, and it turns out that it is known to cause more problems than it is worth – at least when using it with Manjaro. Here is a comment from a couple weeks ago that gives a few links that you can check out: Unable to change grub menu entries because of grub customizer not working - #6 by Ben . Bottom line: it is best to avoid Grub Customizer, as it will save you from headaches down the road.


what @adreampuppet said, but I’d like to change:


I’ve seen lots of severe problems on all Linux Distro’s I’ve used over the years (RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu).




And I’ve also seen the staunch supporters of said distro swear by it and denounce all else.

(While we all know it’s bull and that Manjaro is best! :grin: )

Welcome @Zornica . I think you have come to the right place! More power to you. Ruziel.

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