Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021


I’m David, new to Linux. I choose Manjaro since it’s rolling release and my hardware is new. Not easy for now but I will try :slightly_smiling_face:



A lot of things that are worth it isn’t easy.

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Hi everyone, glad to be here, after a while of macos, I’m have moved back to Manjaro, always my favorite flavor and I enjoy it the most. I do mostly development and some science and engineering stuff that I still have to have a Win10 VM around, but stay out as much as possible. I do enjoy learning and this is a great forum for almost every problem or issue I don’t understand. Keep up the good work and I’ll talk to a few of you in the other posts.


Right !

Hey all.
I am Ólafur Víðir, and I consider myself as an end user. I started trying out Linux around 2011 - 2012 by using Ubuntu. Was switching Win/Linux for a few years after that until I found Linux Mint, which served my old computer pretty well.
On my newer laptops I have used Antergos (now discontinued), Manjaro, PopOS, Arch (for a very short time).
I am very happy on Manjaro, and feel like I have found “my OS”, even if I don’t have the patience to run GNOME and Nvidia with optimus.

For those who are interested:
I come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow


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Well, we have thirteen :santa: I am :iceland:

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Hello everyone !
I’ve been on and off with Linux for a few years, still a N00b but I recently started using Manjaro KDE as a daily driver and it’s been a pretty cool adventure so far. I have a few issues which I believe I can solve to some extent but otherwise I’m just glad to be off windows. Being on Linux just feels much more natural.


What is the identity of that being which says, “I love Manjaro”? Welcome beingless one…

Have used Linux on and off for a couple of decades but still a noob, as I couldn’t stick to Linux for long enough, mostly because of work requirements. Never found a point in dual booting personally. Was always a Fedora / Red Hat user. Probably because back then (1999 - 2000) - Red Hat was one of few ‘user friendly’ distros available.
Started using Manjaro (KDE) a few months back and have tried a few distros in between those few months, but always came back to Manjaro (I used to be an obsessive ROM flasher back in the days, so the same bug has bit me after switching full time to Linux I guess)… But Manjaro has become a very “bad habit”. Hard to switch distribution now, it seems!.


Hey all!

Realtively new Linux user - been using Tails for a few years on and off, recently changed machine and played a bit around with Mint then settled on Manjaro KDE :slight_smile:

Lovely forum!


Greetings from West Yorkshire :wave:t5: I’m new to Linux, but swear by open source, keep up that fab work you awesome programmers. Loving the experience despite experiencing some technical difficulties. Please let me know if you can help. Peace & Love :v:t5:


Hi all,

I’ve been using Linux on my private machines since 2012. Initially, I started with Mint for a smooth introduction, but soon wanted to try a rolling-release distribution when my second installed LTS version approached its EOL. One of my colleagues pointed me to Manjaro, as he had been using it for over a year without major issues. That sounded interesting to me, so that I decided to give it a try in a VM first. Well, not even 4 months later, I was convinced to have found my new favorite distro (Xfce / stable branch) and replaced Mint.

Looking back after more than a year with the new system now, I can say that the decision to switch to Manjaro was just right. Thanks to everyone involved for creating such a fantastic distribution and great community around it! I’m really looking forward to joining you. :sunglasses:

Greetings from Germany :de: !



I’ve been using windows 7 for a long time and now decided to switching to Linux. I had some experience with Linux long time ago at 2004 with Mandrake/Mandriva and nothing more. I’ve been playing with Linux for 6 months on a VM to get some knowledge before moving to hardware

I hope it can be a nice experience and I’m an open guy to help and get helped, focused on user experience and technology, not much on in deep programming and terminals, so lets see what improvements Linux has, so let’s see what Manjaro has as the standard OS for the Pinephone was inspiring to give it a try in my desktop.

Greetings from Brazil


Hi all!
From :tr:! I’m a Linux user since 2011 and Manjaro XFCE user from 2014.
I’m a special education teacher, open science, open source and open knowledge advocator.
My very best to all open minded people here


Hi, long time Windows user. Once for fun tried Linux (bored on lockdown). I searched the Internet for best Linux distros and found Manjaro. I liked how it looked (Gnome) so I installed on my laptop.

It was hard, but I kinda like it.

On my main PC, I was sill using Windows mainly for gaming, music production and a bit of programming. I was using Windows on my main PC and Linux on my laptop for 2 months but one day, I got so tired of constant Windows errors, updates and the ugly interface that I deleted Windows installed Manjaro. I never have been so happy using an OS.

I donated 35$ because Manjaro deserves it!!

Now on my main PC i use Manjaro Gnome and on laptop i use webdad unstable.


From Texas here. Don’t hold that against me, I’m not like everyone else around here. :wink: When I’m not helping people at work, I like to build, program, and fly racing drones (I just do it for fun, freestyle it’s called). My experience with the drones led me to want to learn more about the programming. I have spent the last few months refreshing my programming knowledge with python. It’s different from the C I learned back in the day, but I like it. I like to keep things fresh and work on several projects at once. It’s a nice brain break when I run into a challenge to be able to switch. So coding, GNU/Linux, and electronics are my current interests. With the depth of all three, I think I will be busy for a long time. I am currently reading two books for GNU/Linux, The linux command line, and How Linux works (I got this one from this forum). I am hoping to be able contribute more on here as I learn. With my new PC up and running with KDE, I am looking forward to learning. I would, of course, welcome any suggestions. Thanks for making such a great distro.


Hi All from Sydney, AU. I’ve been using Linux since 1995; Slackware was my first distro and always have had a box or laptop lying around running some flavour of Linux. Main staple were RPis to run my Kodi (nee xbmc) media center. On my third one of those.

When my Mint laptop gave up after years of fine service (it still runs in a pinch), I went for another Pi4. Raspbian did not offer a good desktop experience, so I switched to Manjaro xfce. Much better :slight_smile: . Then someone told me about this “minimalist window manager” called i3. I gave it a go and it was utterly useless :slight_smile: So useless I had to figure out how to work it…darn me always wanting to solve IT problems. Manjaro I3 is now my main distro and I’ve enjoyed making it work my way.

As an old hat who no longer programs, I still enjoy configuring, programming, and setting up systems. Just on my terms and not to any deadline.


Dude, i3 provides you with terminal on hitting ctrl+enter…

you can echo out a C line to text file, multiple ones, or commit some nano

with that you can write a fully functional interface, from most easily readable desktop manager ever seen.

Learning new shortcuts, IMO, is so much more preferable to pointing and clicking around - in the end it fits like a glove.

I use conky to help here - when I started using krohnkite tiling, I wrote the shortcuts in a text file and put it on the desktop as a conky.