Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

Hello guys,
I’ve been using Linux as my main OS for work for as long as I can remember. Dual Boot Windows mostly for gaming and Mac OS for iOS development (early in the days though, nowadays with react native & expo I develop iOS apps mostly on Linux).
I tried many distros, but I was always coming back to Ubuntu, as it was simple and everything would work out of the box.
However, after being an Ubuntu user for some years now, I got tired of being stuck with old packages, old kernels, old versions and always having to update my OS to newer versions to get the good stuff. (which would most of the time result in a total wipe and reinstall of the newest version … because, have you ever tried the automatic Ubuntu system upgrade? :confused:)
So now with 2020 coming to an end, I started looking around for a new distro, and Manjaro with it’s rolling release caught my attention. I used Arch Linux a few years ago for a few days until I messed up with some updates and got a kernel panic :sweat_smile:.
But this time I switched with the intention to not switch again for some time, hopefully.
So here I am, everything is setup, everything is working as expected, my work env is setup and I am ready for action. :sunglasses:
This forum is really cool by the way. I hope I can be of some help and that I won’t ask the same questions for the 1000th time :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone, long time Ubuntu user (almost 15 years!) and part-time Pardus user here (was sad when it was discontinued!). I made the jump to Manjaro in 2020 as I needed the latest kernel for my new laptop and there were some months before it was available in Ubuntu. I don’t regret the jump, I’m really impressed with the rolling release model that Manjaro has. I regret not jumping across the fence sooner :slight_smile:

Grüße aus Deutschland!



I use Manjaro as my first Linux on a regular basis and I am slowly beginning to like the terminal after every black screen I encounter. :wink: Heck I even learned how to chroot! :smiley: THIS IS CHROOT!

I am from Austria by the way and I am happy to be around here.

Ratatosk is the name of the squirrel, which lives in the worldtree yggdrassil from the germanic mythology.

So then Ratatösk.


Hey guys,
I’m originally from sunny Colombia, currently living in the Great white snow-covered North (Hint: I don’t mean Russia). :slight_smile:

I’m a long time Windows user (back in the day, Windows 3.1 was out there) and an average Linux user (mostly on RH-based distros).

I wound up giving a shot to Manjaro/Arch after getting fed up with MS and CentOS last year (for several personal reasons) and driven by Manjaro’s positive reviews on Distrowatch. I’m using Manjaro on my personal laptop and Arch as a QEMU/KVM guest. So far, I’m loving both of them!

I’m looking forward to participating in the forums when I get a chance going forward :slight_smile:


I’m new too only 1 month

1 month new and you can already use a computer?! Duuude! That’s awesome!

Hello Everyone!

I am a new Linux user. I have been using Mac OS for as long as i can remember but after my macbook failed a month ago, I decided to make the switch to windows with an interest in dual booting with Linux. 36+ youtube videos later and I am now here making this post haha. Looking forward to using Manjaro for a long time and learning more about Linux and its amazing community! I hope everyone has had a good start to their year.

greetings from USA!


Hello everyone! This is Firestar from Guangzhou, China!(Am I the first Chinese in this page and the 2020 Introduce yourself page?) I started using Manjaro last summer, and I have written my own installing tips.

The name Firestar comes from Erin Hunter’s Warriors. I use the same name in the old forum. I am not an native-English speaker, in fact I speak mainly Mandarin and a bit Cantonese (which is even worse than English lol).

I am a student studying astronomy (in Peking University) which relies deeply on *nix systems and as I do not want to buy an expensive MacBook, I choose Manjaro Linux. Another reason is that Manjaro provide better security, privacy and more choice.

Although open source custom and *nix systems (as daily-used OS instead of Windows) is not very popular in China for some historical reasons, I appreciate your contributions to Manjaro. Thanks to the Manjaro team and Community!


Hello everyone,

I have been a Linux user for approximately 10 years now and have mainly switched between Ubuntu and Fedora. I decided to try Manjaro after hearing good things about it and Arch from several places and so far (couple of months) I am really impressed.

See you out there!


Hello everyone!

I’ve been a computer guy my entire adult life and have only played around with Linux here and there. I flip flop between Windows and MacOS for work/play but have recently decided for work that I want to switch to Linux, and Manjaro seems like a solid distro for me. After reading a bunch about Arch, the concepts behind the OS seem cool, but I like that a significant amount of the config is done prior with Manjaro.

I’m currently testing things out in Virtual Box on Windows 10 while waiting for new parts. Once those come in, the plan is to rebuild and dual boot Manjaro and Windows. I know I have a lot to learn but I am eager and ready to put in the time.

I look forward to becoming an active community member!