Welcome and introduce yourself - 2021

You can find tons of manuals here


Open a new topic here: #support and mention your HD broke down previously and provide the output to smartctl --all /dev/XdY Where X and Y denominate your HDD letter (unless it broke down completely and you replaced it with another one, in which case you can ignore this notice) :+1:


Thank you! I have some reference for a starting line now

I assume it broke down completely since I couldn’t access the partitions anymore from a live session. Got a new HDD with double the memory now~

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Start with Timeshift - daily snapshots on another drive - then play with it as much as you like knowing you can restore it.


Or read this:



Hi everyone!

New user saying hi!

I decided upon donating to Arch Linux and Manjaro by setting up a repo mirror. Will post a topic in the development area with all the details.


Hello everyone
I am now back after about 6 years break. Just installed MATE today. :smiley:


Greetings from South Africa. Many thanks to all the Manjaro kingpins and the support community. I renamed my Manjaro partition to “Bromponie” which translates to motorcycle. Fast, beautiful and dependable…


Coenraad, I think you’ll love it here. It’s hands down the friendliest and most supportive Linux community I’ve seen.



Thanks Julian, I installed Manjaro when many left for MX (can’t remember how long ago ). I was expecting it to break down, but it turned out to be rock solid. Today I deleted most other systems to increase my Manjaro partition size. I realized that I was using it 99% of the time anyway…


Nope. To "scooter*. Motorcycle is "motorfiets.*

Moet nou nie dat ek Afrikaanse lesse moet gee hier nie! :grin:


I’m from Turkey, not-so-new Manjaro user. I just like Manjaro because it reminds me the book The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Ernest Hemingway whenever I said Manjaro. Its so silly that I want to share with you… :slight_smile:


IIRC that’s what @philm named Manjaro after. After he summited it.


after the mount or the book?
edit: of course the mount. :slight_smile:

The mount. But not the mount.


Of. Course.

But not off.

I think it was rather Roland.

:man_shrugging: I plead ignorant.

So I might not have Recalled Correctly…

Roland was the founder of Manjaro. He let the lead to Phil some time later.

Aaah cool!

That, then!

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Hello everyone! I just (re)installed Manjaro, and as the subject says, I’m a bit of a distro hopper. During the summer of 2019 I jumped back into Linux after being gone for several years. During my first run, mid/late 2000’s, I used Red Hat, Mandrake (discontinued distro), Fedora, Cent OS, and Simply Mepis (discontinued distro). Since the summer of 2019 I’ve used MX Linux, Manjaro, Mint, Pop!_OS, Ubuntu (very briefly…hours), Kubuntu, Arch, EndeavourOS (my last distro). So I’m not new to Linux, but I’m probably not the one to go to for help. It feels good to be back with Manjaro; hopefully this is my last stop.


Hello, I am new to Manjaro I have used Linux since 1996 but started with Red Hat (Colgate) and moved to Mandrake. Then went to Debian and stayed there. I have tried Mint, Ubuntu and MX but usually went back to Debian. I thought I would try Manjaro and it’s impressive even though I am still learning to drive it!