[Unstable Update] November 2023 Edition

Welcome to the new monthly unstable branch thread.

What’s new this month?

  • A new idea for Unstable Updates threads was suggested by @medmedin in the previous thread. From now on, we will create a new thread monthly.

    For now, there will be no poll. As package updates in the unstable branch occur several times a day, the poll is meaningless.

    Please suggest any ideas you may have and/or provide feedback.

Noticeable Package changes so far

We do a rough comparison to our testing branch and will update it either weekly or when we do a testing snap: Package Changes

  • All Kernels got a refresh
  • October Linux Firmware updates
  • Pre-compiled extramodules based on zfs-dkms 2.2.0-2 got readded for 4.19 up to 6.6 regular Manjaro-Kernels
    • please report any issues with those if you have some.
    • as an alternative we recommend to use zfs-dkms directly, which now supports kernels up to 6.6 series
  • KDE Gear 23.08.3 got released
  • KDE Frameworks 5.112.0
  • changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages
    • see Known Issues below for more info
  • NVIDIA 545.29.06
  • LibreOffice 7.5.8 / 7.6.3
  • last Qt5 based LXQt release got added 1.4.0
  • Pipewire 1.0.0
  • Phosh 0.33.0
  • Firefox 120.0
  • Thunderbird 115.5.1
  • Wine 8.20 solves an ancient bug
  • Cinnamon 6.0
  • Appstream 1.0 updates
  • Usual KDE-git, Haskell and Python updates

Additional Info

Info about AUR packages

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For help with AUR packages, please create a new topic in AUR and a helpful volunteer may be able to assist you.

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Known issues and solutions

This is a wiki post; please edit as necessary.
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Please RTFT (Read This Fine Thread) first before reporting the same issues over and over again!

:arrow_right: November 2023

Incoming changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages may require manual intervention

2023-11-02 - Frederik Schwan

We are introducing a change in JDK/JRE packages of our distro. This is triggered from the way a JRE is build in modern versions of Java (>9). We are introducing this change in Java 21.

To sum it up instead of having JDK and JRE packages coexist in the same system we will be making them conflict. The JDK variant package includes the runtime environment to execute Java applications so if one needs compilation and runtime of Java they need only the JDK package in the future. If, on the other hand, they need just runtime of Java then JRE (or jre-headless) will work.

This will (potentially) require a manual user action during upgrade:

  • If you have both JDK and JRE installed you can manually install the JDK with pacman -Sy jdk-openjdk && pacman -Su and this removes the JRE related packages.
  • If you have both JRE and JRE-headless you will need to choose one of them and install it manually since they would conflict each other now.
  • If you only have one of the JDK/JRE/JRE-headless pacman should resolve dependencies normally and no action is needed.

At the moment this is only valid for the upcoming JDK 21 release.

Arch Linux - News: Incoming changes in JDK / JRE 21 packages may require manual intervention


Restarting gnome-shell using Alt+F2 and entering R, causes a crash

FS#79884 : [gnome-shell] Restarting gnome-shell using Alt+F2 and entering R, causes a crash

Incompatible GNOME extensions
  • GTile: No news yet. (gnome-shell-extension-gtile)
ZFS package changes

ZFS extramodules; i.e., linuxXX-zfs, have been dropped from the repos. There have been recent difficulties building them and no one on the Manjaro Team uses ZFS.

Please install zfs-dkms instead. You will to need to manually remove the old 2.1.13 extramodule package(s) first to install the new 2.2.0 packages; i.e., with linux61:

sudo pacman -R linux61-zfs && sudo pacman -Syu zfs-dkms
kpeoplevcard update requires manual intervention

A “newer” version of kpeoplevcard accidently existed, so to install the current version, either update with sudo pacman -Syu kpeoplevcard or sudo pacman -Syuu

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Anybody else noticed that screen-sleeping has turned into screen-dimming?
Not sure if it is kernel66 or latest nvidia drivers.

Nvidia introduced the possibility for night colors in wayland, might have had strange effects on x11?


I don’t know if you’re using KDE, but in it it seems there’s a new option now to dimm the screen before it goes into sleep. If you have wide ranged values it can appear that the screen only goes dimm until the screen sleep timer kicks in.

Still presuming you’re on KDE, the setting can be found in System settings → Power management

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OMFG!!! I would never have looked there. I checked it the first time it happened and there was DEFINATELY no checkbox so I would not go back and check again!
Must have been updated after, or I was blind.

Thank you! :heart:

Now I have to make sure the rest is working, because I THINK it went into sleep instead of turning the monitor off after dim time ended.

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Yeah! I think it came very recently with one of the updates :yum: You’re very welcome, cheers! :beers:

Regarding kpeoplevcard: this is only a matter of versioning schema convention, the newest package version is supposed to be 0.1-2 but the previously installed (Manjaro packaged) version is 0.1+r38.32d50a9-1 which semantically seems more recent.

This is the manual bypass that worked for me:

sudo pacman -S kpeoplevcard=0.1-2

Yay was trying to offer all sorts of modifications (upgrades/downgrades) to make it work but no option seemed to work, same goes for pamac, running this command fixed it.

Yes, see

Continuing the discussion from [Unstable Update] 2023-10-08 - GNOME 45:

Well, dude, its in the other branches now.

The point was to report and inquire. For some reason you couldnt respond to either in a reasonable manner.

So its going to continue to be asked … and continue to look like a mistake.

Even if no other action is taken … you could clarify that its intentional for debugging or something instead of getting mad at the question.

Though … if that were the purpose … why in production to the branches and for so long? …

In case you forgot, this is a reminder :wink:

The problem I brought up in the previous thread seems to be an Nvidia issue:

I can live with dips to 72 frames-per-second 'til the fix, but this is awful for people with 75 Hz monitors…

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Feature drivers need time to mature. That is why we kept production drivers in stable and testing branches of Nvidia for now.

I’m on unstable also - fully updated - but I see no problem with octopi here ?
As a matter of fact, I don’t see problems anywhere ! :slight_smile:

Turns out it was a false alarm at the OP’s system…




You should have read the linked thread: a config file was identified as the culprit and it was resolved by removing it and letting it recreate.


The update to sudo 1.9.15.p2-1 generated /etc/sudoers.pacnew. Are there any important changes that I should merge?

Thats what the pacnew is for.


the new Linux 67 kernel has been named as rc7 rather than rc1 which is current…
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