Will KDE Plasma 6 Alpha packages be part of the Manjaro unstable branch?

In 2 days KDE Plasma 6 Alpha is probably going to be released. I assume those packages will be part of the Manjaro unstable branch? :heart_eyes:

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Don’t know how you arrived at that conclusion…
Maybe you’re looking for kde-unstable repository?

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Yes, sorry if my question was imprecise ^^ So let me reformulate the question: Is the kde-unstable repository part of the unstable branch? :yum:

No. It’s an extra repository you can add.
Be advised and be careful: it includes development builds and things will break.


Oh! I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you for clarifying this. Damn, I somehow assumed this would be part of the unstable branch :sweat_smile:

So your advice is to refrain from it, I see :frowning:

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I daily drive unstable branch on my work machine.
I wouldn’t touch kde-unstable repository outside a dedicated installation/vm.
But you asked for “KDE Plasma 6 Alpha” - so go for it…

Not sure what you mean by that.
Other than myself doing dumb stuff, I have had zero problems with unstable for the last 3 months or so.
You need to run updates VERY often for it not to break, but other than that, not many problems.

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Same. With no big issues whatsoever. But I somehow assumed KDE’s long-awaited Plasma 6 would be part of this branch. Please don’t ask me how I came to that conclusion, I have no idea :joy:

you could go testing branch, not that far after unstable but probably way faster than stable. (if plasma 6 will be included, I’m not sure?)

So kde-unstable is part of testing, but not of unstable branch? :thinking: This doesn’t make sense to me :thinking:

Also, as you’ve mentioned you’re using kde-unstable, do you have any hint about how I would install it? :smiley: I’m using Manjaro for quite a bit now, but still very inexperienced :see_no_evil:

Read this, it explains the difference between the 3:

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Yeah, been there my mate! Got it, got it! I’ll just let the professionals do their “stuff” and wait what packages will come to my computer :smiley:

They werent talking about Manjaro Unstable Branch.

They were talking about the alternative repository KDE-Unstable:


So … to be clear again … no, Manjaro Unstable Branch wont be getting Plasma 6 Alpha release packages in a few days.


Thank you very much for precisely answering my question :+1: Answered!

If you want to know more about Plasma and it’s development, I suggest you follow Planet KDE https://planet.kde.org/ Sometime in February 6 will be released for those who want to know.

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