[Unstable Update] December 2023 Edition

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I just want to point out that the Cinnamon 6.0.0 update (or one of its dependencies) disabled the “Weather” applet.
Also on other Arch-based releases.

maybe not compatible with it …

I think it will be fixed. … Until then:
curl wttr.in


gamescope-plus is missing dependencies from its list:

gamescope: error while loading shared libraries: libdisplay-info.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Gamescope Plus will be fixed in a newer version

I got a 7800 XT last weekend, and seem to be suffering from where every shutdown turns into a reboot at the moment, with MCEs, as some have also experienced:

Currently, I go to UEFI or GRUB menu and press the power button there to get a somewhat graceful shutdown. REISUO is just another reboot.
Every shutdown behaves like this on 6.6.3.
At least one recent comment indicates that this was initially fixed in Arch on 6.6.1, but broke again in versions after that.

This will be more graceful from grub:



echo "Adding poweroff option." >&2

cat << EOF
menuentry 'Poweroff' --class tool --class shutdown --id poweroff {

(run sudo update-grub)

Less useful for you, but I also keep



echo "Adding reboot option." >&2

cat << EOF
menuentry 'Reboot' --class tool --class restart --id reboot {

Intel Raptor Lake PCH CNVi may experience dropouts with kernel 6.6.x

Appears to be stable with kernel 6.7-rc4

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I must be missing something, since the shutdown entry doesn’t appear in my GRUB :thinking:

You’ve gotta run update-grub . otherwise :person_shrugging:

Firefox 120.0.1 appears to have broken Jira transitions. Reverting to 119.0.1 resolves it.

Never mind, the update was coincidental to the actual root cause (service migrating to another provider which my DNS had blocked).

I did. Even with both grub-install and it afterwards, since it didn’t seem to work on its own :thinking:

You probably forgot to set the executable bit for both files before running update-grub.


Just to be sure, I ran memtest86+ for 15 hours, and tried Mint and Fedora live environments. No reboots in multiple shutdown attempts. Arch, fix your *#$%! :laughing:

Yup, that did the trick. Didn’t even know that was required, since I’ve only played with kernel parameters when it comes to GRUB. :heart:
P.S. And no reboots when poweroff is given through there, either.

I’ve had two successful shutdowns from the operating system since today’s updates. I do not know if it’s something in kernel 6.6.4-6, or some other package, but things seem to be back to normal :crossed_fingers:



That did seem related in file name, at least. Patch has now been removed.

We removed the experimental AMD patches as they created issues and failed internal tests at AMD.

kgamma is appearing here as an orphan. Is it still necessary for when you want to adjust the monitor’s gamma settings, or has it been replaced by another program?

:wink: :point_down:

❯ pacman -Sii kgamma | grep 'Required By\|Optional For'
Required By     : plasma-meta
Optional For    : None
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