Updating dotnet-runtime to 8.0 breaks pinta

Updating dotnet-runtime to 8.0 breaks pinta (will uninstall pinta).

See File conflicts with dotnet-core package (#1) · Issues · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / dotnet-core-7.0 · GitLab

Should be fixed with dotnet-runtime-7.0 7.0.14.sdk114-2.

I downgraded dotnet-runtime, kept pinta and marked dotnet-runtime not to upgrade in pamac.

How does it “break” it? No one can fix the issue if we don’t know what it is.

Did that fix it or not?

Now you’re in an unsupported, partial upgrade state. However, depending on what the issue actually is, that may be an acceptable temporary workaround for now.

Pinta depends on dotnet-runtime-7.0

Stating something already known doesn’t help.

Answering my questions does. If you can’t do that, I’ll exit stage left…

Uninstalling dotnet and aspnet 8.0, so I can install dotnet-runtime 7.0 7.0.14.sdk114-2 and dotnet-sdk

Rolling back to dotnet 7 is not a truly viable workaround for now. too many apps will update to use the 8.0 dotnet on their next releases. Emby for one.

It’s now fixed with 7.0.14.sdk114-3.


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