[Unstable Update] 2023-05-21 - Repository changes

I will stay with “ntfs-3g” as my system now is up and working.

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I finally put in the new video card and decided I would just do fresh installs of the OS’s I had. I installed Garuda first cause it was late and there are a few things in it I use first thing in the morning. I’ll be doing Manjaro next and would like to know as a fresh install after the repos were changed will pacman.conf have the updated info after first landing on the desktop after install or will I still need to do the merge?

Depends which ISO and when. These changes havent hit Stable yet … and there hasnt been a new release recently … so … the normal official ones - yes, you would.
If you go and find some daily built ISO using Unstable (with current pacman in it) … then no, thered be nothing to do.

We got a rather big bug coming down. Mesa.

Affecting Radeon users. (amdgpu seems ok)

No, we don’t. We don’t update to development versions. :wink:

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Ah fair.
I was wondering how our overlay or whatever would matter.
But I couldnt ask “Unknown Packager” :sweat_smile:

The current release which once on the desktop and have done the first update I switch to the Unstabvle branch.

Then, as already said … youd have to manage the differences.

I changed my idea, I switch to ntfs3. If the kernel have support for NTFS, why not?
I removed “ntfs-3g”, installed “ntfsprogs-ntfs3” from AUR and did the change on configuration to /etc/udisks2/mount_options.conf`.

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while i much prefer ntfs3 driver over ntfs-3g, so far it has not been exactly smooth sailing. ntfs3 is very sensitive to NTFS upkeep and rejects mounting NTFS partitions for the slightest of discrepancies. on all such occasions i’ve had no issues mounting the same partition with ntfs-3g. ntfs3 will only resume mounting when it is corrected by ntfsfix -d or at worst with chkdsk /f. i have/would keep ntfs-3g as a contingency.

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yes, pacdiff -o is the most straightforward approach, considering the user HAS custom configurations that he wishes to save

/edit LOL that’s why you read what you write before hitting enter. rm -rf / >> Ctrl+C

pacdiff -o just prints all pacnew/pacsaves.
pacdiff itself can delete, ignore, or merge them.
The whole reason for these things is so you can preserve your configurations.

Do the changes in the repos already affect the stable version (Reinstalled with kde-22.1.3-minimal-230529-linux61.iso, then did all stable updates)? I ask because I just came from Arch and there the changes are already done for some time.

No, only the Manjaro unstable branch thus far.

If you want to use Manjaro and stay close to Arch updates, use the unstable branch.


:information_source: OpenBLAS >= 0.3.23-2 update requires manual intervention

2023-06-14 - Felix Yan

The openblas package prior to version 0.3.23-2 doesn’t ship optimized LAPACK routine and CBLAS/LAPACKE interfaces for compatibility. This decision has been reverted now, and the ability to choose a different default system BLAS/LAPACK implementation while keeping openblas installed is now provided to allow future co-installation of BLIS, ATLAS, etc.

The default BLAS implementation will be used for most packages like NumPy or R. Please install blas-openblas and blas64-openblas to make OpenBLAS the default BLAS implementation, just like the old behavior.

Unfortunately you will get errors on updating if you currently have OpenBLAS installed as the default BLAS implementation:

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing openblas (0.3.23-2) breaks dependency 'blas' required by cblas
:: installing openblas (0.3.23-2) breaks dependency 'blas' required by lapack

Please append your preferred default BLAS implementation to the regular -Syu command line to get around it. For example:

sudo pacman -Syu blas-openblas


sudo pacman -Syu blas

Well thanks for making me look.
Now I realized I was using blas when I want blas-openblas instead. :slight_smile:

The Time Has Come:
Testing finished changing in the repos since “15.06.2023”
( [Testing Update] 2023-06-15 - Kernel, Systemd, Mesa, GNOME 44.2, NVIDIA, ZFS, LibreOffice, PipeWire - #7 by Lila-Kuh )