Trust Level Information into FAQ

We should get the Trust Level information onto our FAQ section, because our trust levels does not 100% follow the Discourse trust levels, such as not being able to post pictures until TL2 - Member.

And it sounds like some people have been reporting today that they are TL1 and can’t post links? So that’s different as well.


Agreed, as there have been a fair few questions about the Trust Levels here. Having them in one place would save time, effort and Forum bandwidth/storage.

That’s me… and i’ve read the discourse ones a few times and just chalked it up as a bug… :man_shrugging:

I rather have a seperate page for that, too much info for in the FAQ, although it could be linked to from the FAQ and then it could also directly linked to (from forum post) instead of linking to the whole FAQ.

It should be somewhere available, I think. It took me quite a while to find any reliable information about

  1. Why I couldn’t post
  2. What could I do to solve it

And in the end I had to cheat the system anyway.

There is no need for documentation if you have a member badge you are unrestricted, everyone else has restricted previleges, besides is hard to document every change as in having time to do it.

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