Texlive-Full unable to complete install from AUR

I have been trying to install an update to texlive-full for several weeks. It needs to build from an AUR but the install never completes. It gets caught on the clean-up phase. This seems to mean that the install is complete but it does not exit. This also causes my system to lock-up as pacman eats up the resources. I cannot cancel as pacman is unresponsive (I need to use HTOP to kill it). The end of the log is below. Any thoughts on a solutions. FYI, trying to uninstall is amazingly complicated as there is a cascade of items that will need to be uninstalled.

Logfile: /tmp/install-tl-04061438.log

The following environment variables contain the string “tex”
(case-independent). If you’re doing anything but adding personal
directories to the system paths, they may well cause trouble somewhere
while running TeX. If you encounter problems, try unsetting them.

Please ignore spurious matches unrelated to TeX. (To omit this check,
set the environment variable TEXLIVE_INSTALL_ENV_NOCHECK.)


→ Stripping $srcdir
→ Stripping $pkgdir
→ Linking manpage
→ Linking info
→ Linking binary
removed ‘/var/tmp/pamac-build-oppyusa/texlive-full/pkg/texlive-full/opt/texlive/2024/tlpkg/texlive.profile’
→ Removing files for Windows
→ Install license file
==> Tidying install…
→ Removing libtool files…
→ Purging unwanted files…
→ Removing static library files…
→ Compressing man and info pages…
==> Checking for packaging issues…
==> Creating package “texlive-full”…
→ Generating .PKGINFO file…
→ Generating .BUILDINFO file…
→ Generating .MTREE file…
→ Compressing package…
==> Leaving fakeroot environment.
==> Finished making: texlive-full 1:2024.20240406-1 (Sat 06 Apr 2024 04:03:18 PM EDT)
==> Cleaning up…

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Why would you need to build it from AUR? Convenience?

Personally I don’t see the benefit of the AUR package in this case.

There is a meta package which provides all other packages

 $ pamac info texlive-meta
Name                  : texlive-meta
Version               : 2024.0-3
Description           : Metapackage to install Tex Live
URL                   : http://tug.org/texlive/
Licenses              : GPL
Repository            : extra
Groups                : --
Depends On            : texlive-bin texlive-basic texlive-bibtexextra texlive-binextra texlive-context texlive-fontsextra
                        texlive-fontsrecommended texlive-fontutils texlive-formatsextra texlive-games texlive-humanities
                        texlive-latex texlive-latexextra texlive-latexrecommended texlive-luatex texlive-mathscience
                        texlive-metapost texlive-music texlive-pictures texlive-plaingeneric texlive-pstricks
                        texlive-publishers texlive-xetex
Optional Dependencies : --
Provides              : --
Replaces              : --
Conflicts With        : --
Packager              : Antonio Rojas <arojas@archlinux.org>
Build Date            : lør 23 mar 2024 10:42:38 CET
Validated By          : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature

All relevant packages is in the repo

 $ pamac search texlive --no-aur
texlive-xetex  2024.0-3                                           extra
    TeX Live - XeTeX and packages
texlive-publishers  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - Publisher styles, theses, etc.
texlive-pstricks  2024.0-3                                        extra
    TeX Live - PSTricks
texlive-plaingeneric  2024.0-3                                    extra
    TeX Live - Plain (La)TeX packages
texlive-pictures  2024.0-3                                        extra
    TeX Live - Graphics, pictures, diagrams
texlive-music  2024.0-3                                           extra
    TeX Live - Music packages
texlive-metapost  2024.0-3                                        extra
    TeX Live - MetaPost and Metafont packages
texlive-meta  2024.0-3                                            extra
    Metapackage to install Tex Live
texlive-mathscience  2024.0-3                                     extra
    TeX Live - Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science
texlive-luatex  2024.0-3                                          extra
    TeX Live - LuaTeX packages
texlive-latexrecommended  2024.0-3                                extra
    TeX Live - LaTeX recommended packages
texlive-latexextra  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - LaTeX additional packages
texlive-latex  2024.0-3                                           extra
    TeX Live - LaTeX fundamental packages
texlive-langspanish  2024.0-3                                     extra
    TeX Live - Spanish
texlive-langportuguese  2024.0-3                                  extra
    TeX Live - Portuguese
texlive-langpolish  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - Polish
texlive-langother  2024.0-3                                       extra
    TeX Live - Other languages
texlive-langkorean  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - Korean
texlive-langjapanese  2024.0-3                                    extra
    TeX Live - Japanese
texlive-langitalian  2024.0-3                                     extra
    TeX Live - Italian
texlive-langgreek  2024.0-3                                       extra
    TeX Live - Greek
texlive-langgerman  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - German
texlive-langfrench  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - French
texlive-langeuropean  2024.0-3                                    extra
    TeX Live - Other European languages
texlive-langenglish  2024.0-3                                     extra
    TeX Live - US and UK English
texlive-langczechslovak  2024.0-3                                 extra
    TeX Live - Czech/Slovak
texlive-langcyrillic  2024.0-3                                    extra
    TeX Live - Cyrillic
texlive-langcjk  2024.0-3                                         extra
    TeX Live - Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base)
texlive-langchinese  2024.0-3                                     extra
    TeX Live - Chinese
texlive-langarabic  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - Arabic
texlive-humanities  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - Humanities packages
texlive-games  2024.0-3                                           extra
    TeX Live - Games typesetting
texlive-formatsextra  2024.0-3                                    extra
    TeX Live - Additional formats
texlive-fontutils  2024.0-3                                       extra
    TeX Live - Graphics and font utilities
texlive-fontsrecommended  2024.0-3                                extra
    TeX Live - Recommended fonts
texlive-fontsextra  2024.0-3                                      extra
    TeX Live - Additional fonts
texlive-doc  2024.0-3                                             extra
    TeX Live - documentation
texlive-context  2024.0-3                                         extra
    TeX Live - ConTeXt and packages
texlive-binextra  2024.0-3                                        extra
    TeX Live - TeX auxiliary programs
texlive-bin  2024.0-1                                             extra
    TeX Live binaries
texlive-bibtexextra  2024.0-3                                     extra
    TeX Live - BibTeX additional styles
texlive-basic  2024.0-3                                           extra
    TeX Live - Essential programs and files

pacman doesn’t build AUR packages. You must mean pamac.