System freezing while playing Guild Wars 2

Got a really strange problems. When running “Guild War 2” (the video game in steam using proton 8), KDE freeze. Can’t minimize or move window, can’t show the “application launcher”, … The mouse continue moving, but nothing respond.
I use Ctrl-Alt-F3 to go to a console, kill the game, and Ctrl-Alt-F2 to go back to KDE, and it return to normal fonction.

I was playing the game this morning, before the update, without a problem. Can only see the update as the source, but can’t understand it.

edit: Just seen that there is a notification for a new lts/recommended kerner: 6.6. I am still using 6.1.71-1

you should try to downgrade pixman 0.43.0-1 back to 0.42.2-1, with manjaro-downgrade and blacklist it for time beeing.
There is a post on reddit( “Steam non-native Guild Wars 2 install suddenly crashes PC”) and at the Guild Wars forum(ENG)(“Playing Guild Wars 2 on Linux - Performance optimizations and more.”) about that topic.
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ps: i couldn’t add links so i gave you the thread names

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It works! Thank you.

Putting exactly what I did here in case someone found this post first:
Downgrading “pixman”. I use the package I already had in the cache, since it is better than a random download on internet:
sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/pixman-0.42.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst
Added it in the ignore. In /etc/pacman.conf, added this line:
IgnorePkg = pixman
There were already commented line of “IgnorePkg”, so I put it near them.

Try it just after that, still got the crash. Did a reboot, and GW2 works!

The reason behind the hangs seems very weird. Something doesn’t like pixman being exactly version 0.43.0… Using any other version number (even an arbitrary one) makes this issue go away. Probably some obscure xorg bug.

not only Guild wars 2 ))) The elder Scrolls online launcher also freeze the system i solved this by downgrading Pixman

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