Version mismatch between pixman and lib32-pixman


This thread is relevant to System freezing while playing Guild Wars 2 but I can’t reply there.

I have noticed that while pixman has been updated to version 0.43.0, its dependency lib32-pixman is still at 0.42.2-1.

In the Arch repos, both pixman and lib32-pixman are at version 0.43.0-1.

Since downgrading pixman to the version that matches the lib32-pixman version fixes the issue, I assume there might be a connection here.

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Lib32 versions aren’t always updated at the same time. Since the lib64 and lib32 versions are unrelated, it makes no difference.

❯ pacman -Si pixman lib32-pixman | grep 'Build Date'
Build Date      : Thu 04 Jan 2024 05:38:10 AM MST
Build Date      : Sun 14 Jan 2024 01:04:07 PM MST

EDIT: Also, apparently it doesn’t make any difference using lib32-pixman 0.43.0-1:

Thank you for the quick reply!

Good to know that this isn’t the cause.
I guess I’ll just downgrade pixman for now and keep an eye on the issue tracker.

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