SWAY version stuck on first start - no ideas left


I downloaded the latest ARM SWAY image from the website and flashed to USB.

On starting, the screen displays


then goes to a splash screen showing ‘ARM’

and freezes.

From TTY2 I can log in as root, with no pw, and have updated

pacman -Syu


No change.

During the update process the message

systemd could not get information firstboot.service

was displayed.

systemctl list-unit-files

showed firstboot.service as static.

systemctl status firstboot


unit not found.

nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/systemd-firstboot.service

returned the contents of the unit file.

The ArchWiki on GNOME/Keyring at para 6.17 states that the ‘discover_other_daemon:1’ message is returned if the gnome keyring daemon is started twice and recommends disabling it and the associated socket.

systemctl --user list-unit-files

showed gnome-keyring-daemon.service as ‘disabled’
and gnome-keyring-daemon.socket as ‘enabled’

systemctl --user enable gnome-keyring-daemon.service


Did not work.

systemctl --user disable gnome-keyring-daemon.service gnome-keyring-daemon.socket


Did not work either.

Out of ideas, other than to set user, pw, locale, timezone and keyboard via the terminal. Have not done that yet.

Cannot ssh into this machine at present because a pw (not yet set) is required for root. ‘root’ and ‘alarm’ do not work. So cannot post any extended output.

Any help gratefully recieved, and prps any changes can be folded into the distro.



Nobody able to help?

Tks R

Done some more digging and found these two posts:

Both these posts relate to running instances with proper user credentials assigned.

I think that firstboot itself must be running - /etc/-machine-id is populated and if I delete it and reboot it is repopulated, which may indicate that at least part of firstboot is working.

I have had no luck with disabling the keyring daemon and socket in systemctl as suggested by the ArchWiki. Don’t know if this is because I can’t get a user specific session.

Given that I have to amend files either by mounting the image and working on a non-running instance, or by using TTY2 on a running instance as root, how can I proceed?

Any help greatly appreciated.